Ideas for Safe Crane Operation

Operating a boom crane is a very dangerous and demanding task. The boom cranes are compact-sized lifting machines when compared with other crane types, but they can be dangerous machines like the other crane models. So, if you are one of those operators who think that the boom cranes are not dangerous, you need to change your opinion right now. Many boom crane accidents happen every year, causing serious injuries and even take lives of many boom crane operators. To reduce the risk of accidents while working with boom cranes, you and all the rest boom crane operators need to know how to safely operate a boom crane. Here are some ideas for safe crane operation.


Operator Training – Surprisingly this is a commonly avoided procedure. Appropriate operator training is a very important for the overall safety, because it significantly reduces the possibility for boom crane accidents. To become a boom crane operator, you need to complete a specific course, meet the legal age, pass an examination and have an extensive understandings of the boom cranes. You also need to demonstrate your operating skills in front of a jury.

Check The Area Prior Each Operation – Since most boom cranes come with outriggers, you need to inspect the area prior every operation. The ground needs to be flat and stable to withstand the weight of your boom crane and plus the additional amount of pressure which is generated by the the outriggers. There are many cases where the outriggers are improperly set causing the boom cranes to fall on one side. Inspect the area and then extend the outriggers of your boom crane, and for further safety put a cribbing under every outrigger.

Inspect Your Boom Crane – Before every operation, it is recommended to inspect closely your boom crane. Look for oil leaks, loose, missing or damaged parts, check the tires and check the boom. In fact, this inspection is like the pre-purchase inspection you perform before buying a particular machine. Once you are sure that every single part is functional, you can start operating your boom crane.

Be Fully Focused – When operating your boom crane, try to be fully focused on the job. Loosing your attention can lead to serious accidents. It is even suggested to turn off your mobile phone and to avoid short naps between lifts. Operating a boom crane is a huge responsibility, and you as an operator should do everything in your power to keep yourself and the rest of the crew safe.

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.