Ideas for Powering Up Your Camping Trips

If there’s one thing of staying true to tradition we Aussies prefer, it has to be camping. Most of us have childhood memories of family trips to nature, and it’s the kind of tradition we like to pass on to future generations.


What’s makes camping today different than in the past though is nowadays not all of us like the simple camping style and we prefer staying in the company of technology as much as we can, so appliances make an integral part of camping trips. While it makes the stay outdoors easier, it’s also more complicated because you have to think of energy sources. Here are some ideas you’d want to consider.

Unless you change your mind and decide to choose no power, going for the old-fashioned way of camping, the caravan battery happens to be a great option. An efficient source for powering up 12V appliances, the deep cycle batteries, also known as leisure are different from vehicle batteries, in the way they supply the current – lower currents means longer use, and moreover, they can be discharged and recharged time and time again.

If you get in the know of how to manage battery use, starting from switching off any appliance that’s not being used, keeping the battery charged, and getting the help of a battery charger that can save you from battery replacement, you can have an extra source for the caravan in case its battery runs down.

Caravan battery

Installing a battery management system will let you know when the voltage is low and how much power each of the appliances spends. What makes the caravan battery one of the better choices is how lightweight and noiseless it is, and easy to use, as opposed to a generator.

A generator is great for several reasons, like its low cost, the fact it can be charged at a petrol station, and how it can supply power for both the caravan and the appliances but on the disadvantages side it is noisy, heavy, smelly, and if you intend to stay over at campsites, not all of them would allow the use of generators so you always have to check prior to the stay.

Now that news started spreading of the importance of sustainability, there are also those seeking to make use of renewable sources as much as they can, opting for solar power for their trips. Yes, the power is free, and you can use portable panels to collect energy however it’s a more expensive alternative, especially if you have to buy additional panels and batteries and you may or may not have the power for all of the appliances.