Ideas for Pinot Noir Food Pairing

One of the most versatile red wines to pair with food are Pinot Noir wines. They are a great choice in a restaurant when you are going to eat meat and your companion prefers fish.

Duck and mushrooms are some of the ingredients that can pair practically with any Pinot Noir wine. Salmon and tuna, depending on how they are cooked, are also a good combination with certain Pinot Noir wine styles. From a squash soup and stuffed eggplant to pork roast and smoky glazed ham, a glass of elegant and refined Pinot Noir pairs well with almost any dish.

Following are few ideas for Pinot Noir wines food pairing.


Fresh, Light Pinot Noir Wines

Examples: Inexpensive red burgundy, Alsace or any other less experience Pinot

Good Pairing Suggestions:

  • Ham, charcuterie and other cold meats
  • Habbit or kidneys in a mustard sauce
  • Goat cheese/Grilled aspargus/Spring Vegetables

Sweetly Fruited Pinot Noir Wines

Examples: From Australia, New Zealand, Chile and California with bright berry fruit

Good Pairing Suggestions:

  • Dishes with a hit of spice like a crisp duck pancakes, grilled quail, seared salmon and tuna
  • Barbecues/ Roast or other cooked beetroot dishes
  • Dishes that include cherries or figs

Elegant, Silky Pinot Noir Wines

Examples: Top red burgundy Pinots and other top Pinot Noir styles

Good Pairing Suggestions:

  • Roast chicken / Rack of lamb, served pink
  • Rare fillet steak and carpaccio
  • Roast pork with herbs and fennel
  • Mushroom risotto / Grilled or roast lobster

Full-Bodied, Rich Pinot Noir Wines

Examples: Hot vintage Pinot Noir wines

Good Pairing Suggestions:

  • Char-grilled steak /Butterflied lamb
  • Roast goose / Glazed ham / Roast turkey
  • Brie and similar cheeses

Truffley, Mature Pinot Noir Wines

Examples: Old Vintages of burgundy

Good Pairing Suggestions:

  • Grouse/ Partridge/ Pheasant
  • Cold game pie
  • Dishes with truffles

The versatility of Pinot Noir wines comes at a price. These are some of the most expensive wines on the market. This is due to the fact that Pinot Noir grapes are very though to cultivate. Hence, to find great deals on Pinot Noir wines, give preference to the ones produced in Australia.

Australian Pinot Noir wines are known to be stunning yet can be bought at a fraction of the cost of the famous ‘Red Burgundies of France’. Visit offline or online wine retailers to find great deals on Australian Pinot Noirs. It is important to mention that online you will be able to find a larger variety of these wines than in local stores. Start Googling!