Ideas For Picking The Right Handbag

‘Handbags speak louder than words’, true enough. Another great truth that every renowned designer would agree with, is that behind every successful woman there is a fabulous handbag that perfectly matches her look, taste and of course, personality.

Handbag-shopping is what every woman is crazy about. It is the perfect excuse to spend time with your BFF’s, have your ‘gossip time’ over a cup of coffee and get back home with a new gem for your ultimate handbag collection. However, to ensure the most enjoyable handbag-shopping experience, some women may need a little guidance, since not every handbag style is suitable for every woman.


Normally, the body type is one of the key factors that determines which handbag style is the perfect one. Also, picking the right handbag should be based on two additional features – the shape of a bag and the way it should be carried. Here is a short introduction to different types of women’s handbags, along with few ideas how to wear each style.


 When it comes to shoulder bags, the choices are wide as this type comes in a range of shapes, sizes, materials and colours. Usually, they are big enough to fit a cell phone, wallet, keys, a makeup bag, notepad and even a book. Shoulder bags are designed to be worn over the shoulder, what makes this style a practical handbag solution for women of any body type.


As the name implies, handheld bags are designed to be held by hand as all models feature a small handle. Normally, handheld bags are smaller in size when compared to shoulder bags, thus are not as spacious and cannot hold as many necessities as a shoulder-bag style.


Featuring no handles, this is the type of bag that can be worn either in hand or tucked under the arm. Since their introduction to the fashion world, the one and only purpose of clutches was and still is to make a fashion statement and not work as a ‘small suitcase’. Usually, clutches are big enough to fit the essentials, such as the driver’s license, the keys and the lipstick. This type of women’s bags are made out of different materials, but most common are patent leather, silk and sequined fabrics.


For a casual, everyday look, a tote bag is the perfect style. Tote bags feature one main compartment and they are open at the top. They are commonly worn over the shoulder and thanks to their big size, they make the perfect handbag-option for shopping adventures, the beach and other outdoor activities.