Ideas for Perfecting Your Workout with Fitness Accessories

Fitness accessories

Even though many trainers say ‘to get in a good workout all you need is a pair of comfortable shoes, some open space and a bit of motivation’, a statement we all totally agree with, they are often the first ones to try out new cool fitness accessories, and to reject those that cannot live up their promise. We’ve asked some experienced trainers to let us see inside their gym bags to find out what their favourite accessories are. Below are some fitness accessories trainers recommend for a full workout experience accompanied by a healthy calorie intake. Let us know if you have tried any of the gadgets on the list and if we are missing any great ones, feel more than free to share them with us.

Protein Shaker

Trainers are always on the go and they don’t always have the time necessary to prepare a wholesome protein shake, which requires a lot of prep-work. To make a post-workout recovery shake, fitness trainers usually use a protein shaker to mix a combination of glutamine, whey protein and an organic juice or water. When shopping for fitness accessories, it is important to buy quality. This is why you should read more info when buying a protein shaker for instance, and make sure to look for easy-to-clean, BPA-free and leak-proof properties.

Floss Bands

Trainers use floss bands for compression-based tissue and joint mobilizations. For that, they wrap the bands tightly around a stiff muscle or joint and take them through a full range of motion. While they might not seem like much, floss bands really are effective. According to experts, floss bands have the ability to prevent joint and connective tissue inflammation and can even help reduce pain.

Deep-Tissue Massage Roller

Many trainers can’t start their training without rolling out their entire body first. The reason behind this is that the bumps on the massage roller help knead and stretch soft tissue. They recommend people to choose a massage roller that allows users to control the amount of pressure and one that is small enough to be carried in a gym bag.

Heart Rate Monitor

The most effective way to determine how much benefit you are getting from your workout is measuring your heart rate. Heart rate monitors can help you find and keep the right exercise intensity to achieve your goals. Advanced models can even provide specific timezones and intensity requirements to reach fitness performance and weight loss goals.

Healthy Snack

Always have a healthy snack in your gym bag to eat after a workout. This is an easy way to kick the cravings and stay on track. A mix of nuts and dried fruits makes a good choice, but pay more attention on the portion as these are dense in calories.