Ideas for Moisturizing Your Hands the Natural Way

When it comes to natural products, the first thing that come to mind for most people is natural essential oils. And while their use is widely spread among people who like to incorporate the wonders of nature into their daily routines, when it comes to moisturizing the hands, the use of essential oils is not recommended. And, the most obvious reason is that no matter how beneficial, essential oils are sure to leave your hands overly oily and greasy and some may even sting.


Now, if you still want to go natural, there is another option that can help you treat your hands the natural way, and that is by using natural hand moisturizer in the form of a hand cream. Natural hand moisturizers are non-greasy, light hand and nail creams the purpose of which is to hydrate and protect your dry hands while caring and straightening your nails. Different moisturizers have different components, however, dermatologists recommend to stick to the ones that contain only natural ingredients. Vitamin E, soy protein, Aloe Vera, coconut oil and Borage oil are just some of the many components you can find in a natural hand moisturizer. These types of hand natural moisturizers can be used when in the car, in the office, when going out or simply throughout the day regardless of the occasion and they won’t leave your hands greasy or sticky. Keep in mind to apply on a regular basis especially before going to bed as this is the ideal period for nourishing them the most.

Except for applying natural moisturizer, you can also make a natural moisturizing exfoliating scrub with the help of olive oil and sugar. All you need is ½ cup of sugar and 2 tbsp of olive oil, but if you want to enhance the smell you can add a few drops of some essential oil. Once done, gently rub the scrub into your skin and then wash it off. After this exfoliation process, it is recommended to use a natural hand cream moisturizer in order to make the skin softer.

Except for the aforementioned, you must take into account some other things that can really help you with the whole moisturizing process. For starters, avoid the use of artificial soaps and opt for the natural ones as the chemicals in the mass-produced soaps can dry out your hands. Another important thing you can do is to wear gloves when cleaning the bathroom or when doing the dishes, as the dish soap can make your skin extremely dry and rough.