Ideas for Merlot and Merlot Cabernet Food Pairings

Eating with Merlot and Merlot Cabernet

Merlot and Merlot Cabernet are easy to drink red wines and can be paired with almost any meal. They tend to be medium body wines with berry hints and can be an excellent companion for long nights beside the fireplace. While Merlot wines do not necessarily need food to release their flavour, Merlot Cabernet wines usually go well with food such as grilled and charred beef, chicken or pork.

  • Merlot wines that come from cooler climate regions tend to have higher acidity and are softer and fuller-bodied. This makes them the perfect pair with mushroom-based dishes, fresh and grilled salmon, radicchio and rocket salads.
  • Merlot wines produced in warmer climate regions tend to be light-bodied and have a nice fruity taste. They make a fabulous blend with a nice plate of seafood but can also deliver an amazing taste sensation when combined with some prosciutto ham.


What Not to Eat with Merlot

It is pretty simple to find out what goes best with Merlot based wines, but what food you should never pair them with? You should keep away from veiny cheeses or any cheese that has a strong flavour. The sweetness of the wine can easily be overwhelmed by these foods. Furthermore, you should also avoid spicy dishes, since they might accentuate the bitterness of the wine. So, you should avoid serving these wines with any Thai or Indian food. Out of the rule is fennel, which can taste incredible with Merlot wines due to its slight sweetness.

Mixing Merlot with Cabernet

In order to create Merlot Cabernet wines, Merlot wines are often blended. Merlot Cabernet blends are great to pair with Italian dishes, as the juicy tomatoes and sweet sauces boost their flavours. Mushrooms, Parmesan cheese and roast chicken in a lasagne or spaghetti bolognese tend to respond very well to this blend as well.

Cabernet Merlot wines have an unique soft and silky characteristic, which makes them a great choice for wine beginners. And although their flavour may vary according to the region and climate where the wine is produced, this pleasant red wine is often rich in fresh fruit flavours like blueberries, cherries, plums, blackberries, and herbal flavours.

Finding great Merlot and Merlot Cabernet wines to match your dish is not a hard task. Once you determine what is on the menu, you will be able to buy a quality Merlot wine either from online or offline retailers. Keep in mind that online wine retailers tend to offer better deals.