Ideas for Making Your Senior Dog’s Life More Comfortable

With the higher standards of living we provide for our pets, it’s natural for them to reach old age. That doesn’t mean it’s going to be a smooth sail, however. While getting old is a part of life we all go through, it’s not always pleasant to see your beloved dog struggle to do the daily things he or she used to do in the blink of an eye.

Luckily, nowadays more than ever before, it’s easy to do something to make your furry friend’s life more comfortable as their health declines. And no, I’m not only referring to taking them to the vet regularly to get them the needed check-ups and meds but also finding the ideal supplies that are created for this specific purpose.

What Do Senior Dogs Need Most?

glass dog door

Same as us, when dogs get older, their usual habits and activities tend to change, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be required to go on with their daily walks, eat quality foods, or have fun with some physical and mind-stimulating games. You can strengthen the bond you two share even further and appreciate each of the special moments with your Fido by caring for them as best you can. The following ideas are some examples of how to do so.

Get Them Their Own Dog Door

Just because your pet isn’t moving like he or she used to doesn’t mean they don’t need to go out – more so as the need to relieve themselves increases with age due to urinary or bowel incontinence. A sleek dog door for glass door is a neat and practical addition that would amp your front door’s value and appearance besides providing a quick and easy way for your pet to go out and do their business.

This is a great solution for both of you as you avoid the mess happening inside your precious home, and they still have the comfort of feeling in charge of when and where they go – even if it’s just outside by the porch. Thanks to the convenient design, these aren’t supplies that are helpful for pups only who are still in the potty training phase.

And, you see this by the fact there are various options of dog door for glass door in various shapes and sizes, fit for dogs of different breeds and weights.  With this thought in mind, it’s necessary for you to pay attention to the design and how fit it would be for your pet to ensure it works as it’s meant to. You also won’t have to be concerned about the safety as there are models nowadays that come with locking settings so no unwanted guest would show up in your home.

Don’t worry about whether or not they’re suitable for your door or home, as there are glass dog door designs that can be fitted to most door types, and even solid wood panels and walls. 

Improve Their Resting Space

pet dog door for glass

When you’re old, even something as simple as lying down in bed, and getting back up can be a struggle. Sometimes it can be because of joint and bone issues from diseases like osteoarthritis, other times it can be because of an injury.

What could help relieve their aches and pains, and provide the needed support for the pressure points is a comfy and supportive bed like a memory foam or pillow top orthopaedic mattress. If they are struggling with incontinence too, you can make your life easier by focusing on getting a bed that has a removable cover. Especially one that’s machine-washable so you can quickly remove and wash it when an accident happens. If possible, get an additional cover to change them in between cleanings.

Take Care of The Walks

You may not go out as often as you used to, but that doesn’t mean there’s going to be no walking at all. Whether it’s a leisurely stroll around the neighbourhood or an adventurous trip in the grand outdoors, you need to make sure there are the right supplies to ensure your dog stays comfortable.

A supportive harness or sling can be of utmost assistance when you have a pet with aching hips and back, and a short walk is as uncomfortable as a long one. For travelling adventures, you need to equip them with slip-resistant booties to prevent any slipping accidents from happening, as well as steps or ramps to ensure they make it in the car safely.

These last two types of supplies can come in handy at home too, especially if you have sleek floors that make it difficult for them to walk around inside, or even get up in bed with ease.

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.