Ideas For Kitchen Flooring

The kitchen is the part of your home that you spend the most time in. It is a room where you prepare your family meals and put together parties or other family gatherings. That is why when it comes to kitchen renovation projects, primarily installment of a new floor, it is important to keep in mind the fact that this is a heavy foot traffic area. You must choose a type of floor that can withstand dropped dishes, water and food spills. So you should look for a durable, comfortable, waterproof and water resistant flooring, such as ceramic tiles or floor vinyl. Of course, you also need to consider colour and overall design to match your style and existing home décor. Here are few ideas for kitchen flooring.

Floor Vinyl

Ceramic Tile – You can find a wide range of tile choices that can be arranged in different patterns. Most ceramic tiles are highly durable and relatively inexpensive. Moreover, ceramic tile floors are ideal for kitchens because they do not absorb odors or bacteria. Thus are perfect choice if you have kids or pets. However, ceramic tiles have few disadvantages. For example, ceramic tiles are cold and if you’re standing on them for a longer period of time, it can be very uncomfortable. Also, ceramic tiles can break from an impact of a drooped heavy dish.

Hardwood – Wood floor has always been trendy and will probably never go out of style. Because of its ability to withstand spills and stains, hardwood is another ideal flooring solution for a kitchen. With a natural beauty and warmth, hardwood floor can suit any style. It’s also good for people with an open floor plan design and for those who prefer the classic look. However, just like ceramic tiles, hardwood is not that comfortable when you stand for longer period of time and although very durable, hardwood does get damaged with time and should be refinished after certain time.

Cork – Cork flooring is not only comfortable and stylish, but is also a natural insulator, which will save you on your monthly electricity bill. Because it is soft and very flexible, cork is very comfortable and does not cause pressure in the joints. Also, if you were to drop a dish, chances are it will bounce rather than break. Cork flooring, although different from hardwood floor, requires the same seal and maintenance routine.

Floor Vinyl – Reason floor vinyl is gaining back the popularity it used to have in the ’60s, is the fact that this a resilient and very economical flooring, durable and with numerous stylish options. Floor vinyl comes in a wide range of colours and patters that imitates the look of real wood, tile, stone, leather and marble. Also, floor vinyl is easy to clean and feels soft underfoot. Because of its elasticity, dishes will not break if dropped. Thanks to continuous innovations, floor vinyl now features more improved textures and colours for a more realistic appearance.

The best kitchen flooring is the one that will best accommodate your lifestyle and your budget and at the same time offer complete comfort, durability and high return on the investment. Thus, choose wisely.