Ideas For Hosting a Mad Hatter Tea Party

‘Alice in Wonderland’ theme is extremely popular these days. Whether for a wedding reception, birthday party, or baby shower, this theme is a real hit not only among kids but among grown ups as well, especially for those who have spent their childhood with Alice in Wonderland character. If you want to celebrate a special occasion in a Mad Hatter style, then you must supply yourself with the right party requisites.

Your Mad Hatter party will simply rock with Maxwell and William Enchante collection. The delicate floral patterns of this collection resemble the ones used in the Mad Hatter tea party (in the animated movie Alice in Wonderland). Of course, beside getting Maxwell and Williams Enchante collection, there are other things you need to do to make a great ‘Alice in Wonderland’ party.


Party Invitations – Introduce your guests to your theme with Alice in Wonderland invitations. Here’s what you need to include inside to make quests want to come to the party.

  • Improvise. Pretend like it’s the Queen that invites people for a croquet. Address the invitation from the ‘Fish-Footman’ to ‘For the Duchess’.
  • Specify the exact date, place and hour. Remind people that they should not be late on such an important date like the White Rabbit.
  • Make invitations in the form of a playing card, teapot or a tea bag. Or include real cards, teabags and other stuff inside to point out your theme.

Decorations – Decorations make the whole thing real. In order to make guests feel like they are really part of Alice’s adventures, get several pieces from Maxwell and Williams Enchante collection and few other details used in the Disney movie.

  • To make the Mad Hatter tea party a real one, use different colourful teapots. Combine small sized teapots with huge ones. Pick the ones from Maxwell and Williams Enchante collection as they come in different sizes and display unique floral patterns perfect for you Mad Hatter party.
  • Pair beautiful teapots with Maxwell and Williams Enchante tea cups or mugs. In fact, the whole Maxwell and Williams Enchante collection features unique floral patterns that are characteristic for Alice in Wonderland movie.
  • Add golden keys and keyholes and put vases with red and white roses in the middle of the table. You can even put a plush animal in one of Maxwell and Williams Enchante teapots to portray the Dormouse.
  • Use different chair sizes as this will add to the oddness of the whole party. Reserve a large armchair for the main guest.
  • Tie colourful paper lanterns between trees or hang them on the ceiling.
  • Either use a play tunnel for quests to enter your party or decorate your front door in a rabbit hole style.
  • Decorate the floor with a chessboard-like mats or papers. Hang some playing cards on the walls to make the party even more realistic.
  • If you don’t have a huge mirror, use an aluminum foil to recreate one.
  • Show your guests the way to the main room by using rabbit paws print outs. If possible, get rose bushes and paint them in red and white.

Of course, you do not have to do all of the above to create a Mad Hatter tea party. Play with these ideas and let your creativity shine.