Ideas for Home Transformation with Brick Pattern Wallpaper

Since we’re seeing a constant trip back to the past when it comes to trends, it’s not surprising for people to start having an eye for things that were popular at the time of their grandparents. Such a trend that keeps gaining popularity is the look of brick walls, especially in New York. This is due to the fact that bricks are very durable, have historic value when it comes to decorating, and can create a warm atmosphere.

There is something special about this kind of walls that gives them the power to turn any place into a charming one when combined and designed right. A reason more to include brick walls as part of your interior is the fact that they can be easily matched with a traditional, sophisticated, eclectic, Scandinavian and minimalist style, so whichever your current one is, you have no excuses not to incorporate the brick charm in your décor.

brick pattern wallpaper

Great news is, even if your walls aren’t made of brick, you can get the desired transformation with wallpapers. So, if you have your eye set on the décor of NYC homes, get yourself brick walls. There is a vast variety of wallpapers to choose from when you do your search so you are sure to find the brick pattern wallpaper to match your taste. This is a perfect solution as it can protect your walls from stains and moisture and it can be replaced whenever you decide it’s time for another change with a different brick pattern or colour. Instead of merely focusing on the living room, you can add more personality in just about any room as there are plenty of ways to decorate them once you hang wallpapers.

The kitchen is the heart of the home where all the cooking magic happens, so it’s natural it’s supposed to feel homey and nothing could work better than brick to accentuate it. Considering brick has that raw earthy beauty, you can incorporate elements that are made similarly of raw materials, such as open metal shelves. They will be both stylish and functional and you can use them for keeping all of your kitchen utensils at hand.

The possibilities with living room brick wall decorations are endless, from different lights (string models and lanterns), to hanging plants, picture frames and bookcases. You can create a more intimate atmosphere by including hanging curtains over brick walls. The outcome mainly depends on the type of brick pattern wallpaper you choose, whether it’s a brighter one or a darker one, red brick or white brick, or even brick in a more neutral colour such as light grey. If you have many colour hues already present on the wallpaper, then you could decorate with neutrals, rugs and cushions for starters.

Bear in mind the colour has a great effect on the room – darker colours can make a room seem smaller as opposed to bright ones. The perfect option for a bedroom are all choices that are based on white colour as it can give off a peaceful look, just what you need for a good night’s sleep. With bathrooms the space is usually a bit narrower than with other rooms so there is no need for exaggerating with using the wallpaper all over the place. Instead, choosing one side is the way to, plus, mirrors can help visually enlarge the space. Pick a brick wallpaper to suit your taste and have fun decorating your home.