Ideas for Finding the Perfect Dog Lead

There are so many different leads available for your dog these days and not all of them are the same. It can get a bit difficult to know which one to choose when you walk into a pet store; there are usually so many different leads lined up on the shelves it can all get a bit overwhelming. The difference in quality and which one is right for you and your dog’s needs are the things that define the ideal lead. We’ll go over a few different points below that will hopefully make this decision a bit less confusing for you. You can find dog leads for sale in almost any pet store or you can search and find some great leads online.

The first thing you should always look for is what material the lead is made out of. Leather is a pricey, nice looking choice and it is sturdy so it’s good for big dogs and small dogs alike. Nylon leads are probably the most popular choice as they are sturdy but also quite affordable so they can easily be replaced. Another thing about the nylon material is that if it gets wet, it dries quickly and it won’t get damaged unlike leather which needs to be protected. Both of these are great choices but if your dog has a tendency to bit its lead, you might need to invest in something a little stronger like a metal chain lead. But be aware as this type of lead can hurt your dog’s teeth so you need to be watching him at all time. It can also be heavy for some dogs so make sure you choose a light weight one.


The next thing to consider is the length; it varies depending on what you need to get out of walking your dog. The shortest lead is called a pull tab and it’s mostly used for training purposes like taking your dog out of your car and for better control of your dog, hence it is not ideal for everyday use. A longer leash is great for walking your dog and it will give your dog a bit more freedom but take into account that it’s harder to train your dog with this kind of leash as you have less control. There are also specialty leashes that are made really long that are designed to train your dog for tracking activities so you can use this in large areas like a field to really get the most out of it.

The width of a leash is also something that can affect your ability to walk your dog easily. The width will effect what kind of dog should be wearing it; the thicker leads are made for big dogs that are heavy and can pull, so they don’t snap accidentally. The thinner the leash, the different weight range it can manage, so if you have a small dog, a wide leash is unnecessary. There are also leashes that are quite thin but have been designed for well trained, obedient show dogs. They are usually thin and black and give the dog just enough room to move on its own.

The last thing you should consider is what you will need the leash for. This is the most important decision you should make when choosing a leash for your dog. If you need a leash for dog training, you want something durable that can handle the excessive pulling that usually comes with untrained dogs. You need a relatively long leash if you want something for tracking purposes. If you live in the city, a shorter leash will be good for everyday walking, but if you want to compete in a dog show, you want a specially designed leash just for this purpose.

If you are still uncertain about which leash might be right for you and your dog you can always ask someone working at a pet store or you can find dog leads for sale online where you can browse, compare, and buy from an extensive range.