Ideas For Finding Best Networking Tools

Today technology is constantly changing, evolving and improving. But with new devices come new problems as well. Technicians constantly face problems like slow network, improper connection and defects that can only be repaired with proper networking tools. Once you patch the cable into a switch port, there isn’t much you can do afterward. That is why you need to check for any faults in the connection before you are done to prevent future costs. To do that, you need to find networking tools that are specially designed for network testing.

Instead of spending money on hiring professionals, you can easily do the job yourself, but only with the use of proper networking tools. If you want to improve the performance of your network, spot potential problems or reduce possible incidents, find networking tools that will ease your job and save you money in the long run. Depending on what you need done, we have selected three of the most popular testing tools available on the market these days.

Punch Down Tool

Cable Tester – If you need to locate a break point in the cable, then you need to use the cable tester. You would be able to test the line sequence of the network cable, spot open circuit, miswires or reverse connections in few easy steps thanks to this network tool. If you want to spare yourself from expensive repairs, find networking tools that can help you install the connection properly and avoid any mistakes.

Crimping Tools – If you want to properly connect the end of the cable with a certain connector, then crimping tools are a must have. You need to find networking tools that are specifically designed to strip, crimp and cut insulated wire in a snap without damaging the cable. With the help of these tools, you can hold wires apart from each other and crimp properly one by one. This tool is ideal for connecting cables with RJ-45 and Rj-11.

Punch Down Tools – The punch down tools are used for inserting wires in the right slots. When you find networking tools designed for certain task, it will be easier to set up and maintain your network. Let’s say you need to place wires in certain connectors in order to transfer data. With a punch down tool, you will be done in no time. You only need to set the wires in the patch panel or jack, cut the rest of the wire and secure it.