Ideas For Extending the Life of Your Vehicle

Being a necessity and not a luxurious accessory to your life style, your car is ultimately one of your most worthy investments. Given the fact that you use your car on a daily basis for driving to work, driving kids to school, for weekend getaways and even longer destinations, your car must always be in a perfect condition and capable of delivering only top performance. And in order to ensure nothing less than impeccable car performance, it is essential to properly care for your vehicle. In other words, proper and regular car maintenance is a must.


A proper car maintenance includes regular picking of the garbage (leftover food and wrapping papers), regular vacuuming and dusting, and a regular wash. Also, proper maintenance includes:

  • fluids check – antifreeze, oil, transmission fluid, power steering fluid and brake fluid levels;
  • regular oil change – to improve gas mileage and protect car engine;
  • air filter change – to obtain a higher gas mileage;
  • brake pads –monitor pad thickness and don’t allowed it to wear down to the metal. This will prevent damage to your brake rotors and calipers;
  • tires rotation – change the position of your tires to reduce uneven wear and tear on the tread, and also to extend the service life. And don’t forget to keep them properly inflated. It will not just reduce the tire life by 15%, but will also decrease your gas mileage.

All these easy DIYs must be properly record in your log book. If you have no car knowledge or for more serious car issues, make sure you take your car to a reputable log book service Melbourne auto shop. A log book service Melbourne auto shop will conduct a full inspection of major and minor parts according to the manufacture’s specifications. A log book service Melbourne auto shop will ensure your vehicle is checked for a safe and economical operation, as intended by the manufacturer, and at the same time help you maintain the manufacture’s warranty.

Every log book servicing Melbourne shop (or at least reputable and licensed ones) will perform all required checks according to the log book of your car, including all parts and quality oils as part of the schedule, safety check and vehicle inspection report. The requirements may vary depending on the make and model of your car, and is typically performed every 10, 000 km. How much will particular log book service Melbourne auto shop charge for the services depends on the shop, make and model of your car and work performed.

All this will ensure a safe operation of your vehicle, superior reliability and improved fuel economy. By neglecting and/or skipping a log book service, you will not receive the expected return on your investment, in case you decide to sell the car in the future.