Ideas for Enhancing Your Home’s Curb Appeal: The Mailbox Area

Though there’s not exactly a definite recipe for how the landscaping should be done, to improve one’s home curb appeal, the biggest mistake to be done is leaving out the mailbox area of the process. Despite the popularity of electronics, and emails, receiving everything in the blink of an eye, good ol’ traditional mail (or snail mail if you will) is far from becoming obsolete.

Don’t believe it? Just think how the last time you opened your email inbox, only to see the spam box full and have it emptied out in seconds, as opposed to getting direct advertising mail and looking it into detail because you were won over with the ads’ creative design. This should be convincing enough to give the mailbox area, and mailbox design specifically, the attention they deserve.


If your current mailbox is in need of a makeover, you needn’t bother spending effort, money, and time trying to spruce it up and restore its appeal, but give the wide range of aesthetic mailboxes, whose dimensional stability, and durability are the key factors, which is supported by the use of sustainable sources, as the Accoya wood, that they’re made of.

The latest types of mailbox design, based on use of latest technology, are bound to provide an eye-catching look, with their thoughtful details, such as a discrete lock access, and the chance to personalise them, engraving them with a dynamic font. Along with the engraving, there are other ideas to enhance the mailbox area, and the mailbox itself.

Depending on the design you choose, and where you have it mounted, you can always count on plants to do the sprucing up. For instance, if your mailbox is wall mounted, you can get a matching planter box mounted right above it, and fill it up with some of the charming succulents.

When it comes to the post mounted option, there are certain things you’d have to take into account, such as how frequented the area is (e.g. people, dogs), how exposed it is to the weather conditions (storms, snow, full sun), and other factors, like traffic exhausts. This would give you a notion to the type of plant your area would be ideal for, whether something more hardy, or not, but by all means, nothing sharp – especially not if it’s a much frequented area.

If you want to get an evergreen look, choose from the many annuals, in the likes of marigolds for example, and you can count on a constant bloom, whereas if you’re looking for less maintenance, opt for the perennials, like the daylilies. Then again, if you decide it’s too much trouble for you after all, you can always go for assorting pebbles and gravel around.