Ideas for Decorating Your Outdoor Space with Flower Pots

While many of us might not have space nor the green thumb to take care of a whole garden, I’m sure that everyone can take care of a few flower pots. Flower pots are the salvation for the small-scale gardener. Choose wisely and you get to create gorgeous flower displays that provide an abundance of scents, colours, and textures. Here are some ideas on how to decorate your outdoor space with flower pots.


Choose Suitable Pots

In general, there are two types of flower pots for sale – clay and plastic. If you live in a colder climate, it might be better to opt for plastic as it can resist cracking in colder temperatures. Plastic pots are also much lighter to move around, so if you plan to bring your flowers indoors for the winter it will be much easier to do so. Plastic flower pots for sale also come in a much wider range of colours and designs, which makes them the ideal choice for modern and chic spaces. On the other hand, if you live in a warmer climate, clay pots are porous and thus do a better job at keeping flower roots cool and aerated. Clay flower pots are popular for their timeless and traditional look.

Highlight a Point of Interest

What better way to define a walkway, the edges of a deck, or the stairs leading to your front porch, than with a combo of stunning flower pots? Different types of flowers that vary in colour and in height can beautifully accent the main features of a romantic cottage-style outdoor space. But by using pots in a similar colour, material, or design, you can showcase a particular part of your garden without the collection of flowers looking unruly. Containers arranged in a neat row can create a clean, modern look. Make sure that they are around the same height and size, and choose similar plants to emphasize the orderly look.


Use Vertical Space

If your garden or balcony has only limited horizontal space, start thinking vertical! Sometimes a wall can provide you with several times the display space. All you need to do is secure some terracotta pots tightly to it. Just imagine a living wall with a cascade of vibrant ivies, or scarlet pelargoniums – if that doesn’t instantly boost your curb appeal, I don’t know what will! Additionally, you can always suspend pots from the ceiling on the front porch or the balcony. Not only will this flower display look good, but it will also be out of reach to slugs and other pests that commonly feed on them.