Ideas for Decorating a Small Entryway

Long and wide entryways that used to be a sign of status are now a thing of the past. Nobody wants to walk through their front door and feel like they are entering a cold hotel. Some people even remodel their entryways for the sake of expanding other rooms. And why wouldn’t they? A tiny entryway is definitely a lot more practical.

Like with any other small space, there are some challenges that you will certainly face when styling it up. However, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. With the right approach you can turn a small entryway into a cosy area that will give out a warm welcoming to anyone walking into your home. Think smart and come up with a decorating scheme that uses the space up efficiently, without being too suffocating. Here are a couple of ideas to get you on the right track.

Reveal the Practical

Don’t hide the ultimate purpose of an entryway, but decorate it to showcase it. As we know, the primary purpose of any entryway is to be the stop where coats and shoes are dumped without much consideration. But some functional entryway furniture in the form of a coat hanger with a couple of drawers can keep all the ugly clutter neatly at bay. Coat hooks that stand out on display will keep jackets and scarves neat and within reach. And since they’ll be visible, with the proper choice of material they can also become a charming design statement. Brass hooks, for instance, are durable and convey classic elegance. Placing a cushion above the drawers is another great idea as it will offer an extra bit of comfort when tying your shoes.

Enterway Furniture

Stop Them in Their Tracks

By rule, entryway furniture should be small, but whether it will make a lasting impression is entirely up to you. If you have leftover space for a console table, even the narrowest you can find – you’ve got the opportunity to make a statement. It can serve as a functional unit and an artistic canvas allowing you to let your creativity loose. Look for one with a traditional timber and try to spice it up with some charming Provence décor. Hand-woven rattan baskets or bottles and some freshly picked flowers will bring a touch of life to an otherwise bland hallway. You can lean a mirror over the console table, or you can rest a piece of art that will capture your guests’ attention when walking inside.

Enterway Furniture 2

The Brighter, the Wider

Finally, there’s a small little design trick to keep in mind whenever you want to visually extend a small space: The brighter the colours – the wider the space will seem. Bright colours such as white, sky blue and lemon green are known to give a feel of depth, as opposed to strong dark colours that depress a space. Moreover, most entryways have no windows and suffer from lack of natural light, but bright colours can be the needed breath of fresh air to liven them up. For entryway furniture, white is a timeless classic – you can never go wrong with it. Add a more vivid palette on the walls with the help of small décor pieces in the form of inspirational posters. And what better way to add fresh colour and life at the same time than by including some lovely entryway plants?