Ideas for Choosing Kids Bed

My little princesses are obsessed with the “Little Mermaid” animated movie and watch it over and over again every single day. They’re so amazed by the beauty of the sea world and they actually believe mermaids exist, so when I ask them what they want to be when they grow up, they say without hesitation: “A mermaid”! Oh well, like mother, like daughters.

So you can only imagine how their room looks like: the walls depict the sea world, the little mermaid is drawn in large scale, and there is a number of Barbie dolls with red hair and a fish tail scattered around. And their beds, oh I love their beds so much that if I can go back in time I would’ve begged my parents to have such bed. They are small single beds shaped like shells which had a really hard time to find, but if I wanted to calm them down eventually, I had to perform a miracle. I searched all online retailers of furniture before I found what I needed; trust me, the offer of kids beds is so wide, you’ll eventually get tired even though you find it amusing to search through that colourful world.

Shell Beds

Luckily, my girls bedroom is large enough to fit these two large beds in; but if I had to go back now I would’ve choose differently. I would’ve gone with the kids beds trundle option, as they’re probably the most convenient solution if you want to have space to add more furniture elements in the room or for playing. I’m in love with these beds; they’re a 2 in1 option! You get two beds for sleeping, or an entire large drawer for storage. Perfectly convenient.

I know that many new mommies out there struggle choosing the right bed for their kids, as this is quite the investment that should last for many years. So, to help you, I’ll share my experience and hopefully you’ll get some ideas:

There Are Three Main Things to Consider When Buying a Bed for Your Kid

  • Age – are your kids toddlers or older than three? Generally, kids past the age of three can sleep in a small single bed instead of a crib.
  • Box or No Box – Beds with boxes are suitable for children under the age of 5; if they are older than that it is safe to allow them to sleep in a bed without a box, which you can also use afterwards.
  • Themed or Not – although I hardly believe your kids will not beg you with their innocent eyes for you to get them themed beds, you can actually get simple beds without a theme. The trick is to choose something shaped with a lot of colours. After all, they’re kids and these sorts of things make them so happy.

Kids Beds Trundle

You Can Choose from Various Types of Beds Once You Set the Criteria

  • Trundle Beds – from all the kids beds trundle ones are my personal favourites because they are suitable for various purposes: you have two perfect beds for your two kids, or one large bed and a drawer you can use for storage or as an extra bed for sleepovers. I bet you’ll find the trundle bed very convenient.
  • Bunk Beds – bunk beds are fun, and you can be very creative in their design as there are some really cool ones on the market. You might however, face the “who gets the upper bed” problem.
  • Toddler, Small Single Beds – as their name suggests, these are small transition beds. As such, you can use them for the period when your baby is too big to fit in a crib.
  • A Divan Bed – the divan bed is very similar to trundle ones, but it is not that fancy. It’s a good option if you want to save space, but don’t expect your children to be very excited when you get it for them. The divan bed normally has a lot of drawers and compartments, so it’s a good option if you need a lot of storage space.


The thing not to forget at any point on this journey is that you’re buying beds for children. And children love colours, they respond to lively pictures of their favourite cartoon characters, dolls and action figures. So, if you find a bed in a colour which will go perfectly well with the rest of the bedroom design, go for it.