Ideas For Caring And Preserving Antique Furniture

Antique furniture has significant historical value, which is why many people are huge fans of vintage. Besides historical, the antique items have a great artistic and monetary value. Also, since majority of antiques are passed from one generation to another, these pieces are emotionally valuable to their owners. Thus, for these and many other reasons, it is important to properly care for any type of antique furniture to ensure perfect condition, appearance and long life.


Although age, historical period and material define proper care routine, there are several general caring and preserving tips suggested by some of the best Antique Furniture Melbourne dealers. According to them, antique furniture can easily be damaged by different environmental factors, such as sunlight and air moisture. Hence, it is of great importance to place your antique furniture in the right areas. Antique Furniture Melbourne dealers recommend keeping the furniture in places where it can be protected from strong sunlight and damaging ultraviolet light. If your antique furniture is placed near or in front of an air conditioner, it is very probable that after a short time, you’ll notice loosen glue joints, inlays and even marquetry.

The antique furniture can also be damaged during moving and handling. According to the Antique Furniture Melbourne dealers, there are few things that need to be considered when moving antique pieces, such as removing the parts that can be separated easily like shelves, doors and drawers. This way you can prevent parts from falling and getting damaged when moving and handling the antique furniture.

According to few owners of reputable Antique Furniture Melbourne shops, pests and insects can also cause a great damage to antique furniture. The furniture pieces that are mostly affected by pests and insects are the ones made out of natural materials such as wood, leather and horsehair. The layers of body oil, grease and dirt accumulated over the surface of the antique furniture is inviting for cockroaches. To keep these uninvited “guests” away from your valuable antiques furniture give your best in keeping it clean and polished at all times.

Take it from the experts – use high quality paste wax in order to protect the furniture from moisture and dust. The paste wax should be applied once a year. Between applications, dust the furniture surface on a regular basis using soft cloth. You can buy needed cleaning supplies at almost any more reputable Antique Furniture Melbourne shop.