Move Over, Man Cave: Ideas for Building a Woman Cave

Alright, I think we’ve had enough of the talks about how and why men need to have their own man cave at home. We get the picture, men need some time off to have a beer (or two), watching some of their favourite sports and matches without having to have a war over control of the remote, because they know they lose it eventually and hand it over whenever women are around.
That doesn’t mean we women don’t require some time on our own too, right? After all, beauty takes a lot of pampering! Yes, the idea of a woman cave isn’t just an idea; with a few suggestions, you can make it happen too, and have your own she-spot in the home. First things first, decide which part of the home is perfect for the cave – preferably one with no noise whatsoever.

Is it the basement, the attic, a closet, the garage, or a shed outside? Whichever it is, you can’t do without one item in particular: a mini fridge, so trips for a nice cold drink from time to time wouldn’t take long. Keeping things quiet, a silent one is preferable, like the many types of the Dellware fridge you’d come across, that are also environmentally friendly.


Along with a Dellware fridge, it’s good to equip your woman cave with a TV, oversized if you can so you’d get a theatre of your own, where you can watch all your favourite shows, and rom coms without getting the judgy looks, and complaints whenever you let a tear slip your eye during the sad scenes.

A film isn’t the only source of teary eyes, though – so is a book. Speaking of books, it’s important to provide the woman cave with the luxury of a comfortable couch, armchair, or hammock for that matter; anything that speaks reading nook comfort to you. When not engaging in reading book stories, you could use it to enjoy reading some magazine with the latest celeb news.

What would a woman cave be without that storage space for all the extra clothing and shoes you’d get to feast your eyes on when not wearing them? If it’s already a built-in closet your cave is located in, no worries. If not, then you’d best make use of a great deal of shelves, as well as items that provide storage, in the likes of ottomans for instance.

A final touch, adding something that further personalizes the space. For some it’s a desk, where they get to work on their creativity more, for others it can be a corner of decorating items they couldn’t use in the rest of the home interior, or a vanity table with all the beauty essentials – anything that makes the cave your sanctuary.