Ideas for Bringing a Sense of Calm to the Interior with Coastal Style

A home is a place where we should most feel relaxed and at ease. But as it happens, sometimes the dull and cluttered interior space steers away from this, creating a result that’s the exact opposite.

If your abode harshes your mellow, there are simple ways to bring a sense of serenity and tranquillity. In addition to clearing out some of the clutter (both visual and physical), you can resort to incorporating coastal decorating elements if that’s a look you like. How to decorate coastal style? Here are some ideas to serve as your inspiration.

Pay Attention to the Colour Palette


When your mission is to create a refreshing and inviting atmosphere, the first step in the décor game is to be careful with the colours. One of the reasons coastal design has a relaxing vibe is the choice of colours, predominantly soft neutrals that mimic the coastal landscape.

Seeking inspiration from the sandy beaches, blue seas and skies, you can opt for soft greys, blues, greens, ivory, beige tones, and a range of whites. And when in need of some more colour, a sprinkle of rich pinks and corals will complement the look.

Whether implemented on a larger scale, with features like the colour of the walls and the furniture pieces, or pops of coastal vibes with decorative elements like textiles, artworks like coastal prints and nautical accents, it’s all up to you, your specific taste and design needs.

Use Coastal Artwork

Want to bring the beauty of the coastal areas indoors so that you can enjoy the beachy vibes year-round instead of only at specific periods? Count on the help from artworks! Nowadays, there’s an array of print options to choose from, so you can get one for every room in the house.

Get some calm and serene coastal wall art with scenes from the fine white sandy beaches, crystal clear blue waters and skies, and lush greenery in the form of palm trees – the symbol of beachside resorts and coastal living. Available in a range of tones, shapes, and sizes, with and without frames, you can easily make them part of the abode.

Added in the hallway, you can make for a grand entrance in your tropical paradise called home. In the bedroom, it’s helpful to evoke the relaxing feeling typical for a beach sanctuary, so you get the much-needed rest.

Coastal art is also perfect for the living room for decorating a social hub where the whole family can get together and unwind. And added to the kitchen, it could inspire you to mix things up in the daily menu, recreating meals from your favourite beach resort holidays, or motivate you to make some more time for travel adventures in the future.

With such a huge coastline, you’re sure to find a lot of gorgeous Australian seashore areas captured in equally gorgeous coastal wall art prints. But, if you want some international beauty to decorate your nest, there are many charming coastal towns in Europe to choose from too. And, don’t even get me started on the endless Brazilian seacoast.

Select Natural Materials


Bringing the outdoors in can also be achieved with natural textures. To capture that cool and breezy feel you get from the coast, you should go all in on natural fabrics such as cotton, linen, jute, and bamboo for all of the textiles. Invest in top-notch rugs, light curtains, throws and cushions in calm tones.

If you’ve got a substantial budget to back you up, you can consider changing your home’s flooring. Hardwood floors painted white, or reclaimed wood for the table set in the kitchen, living room, and hallway with the console, are great ideas that are sure to revitalise the living space.

If you choose to decorate the walls with wall art coastal themes, you can match the colour of the frames with that of the floors for a cohesive look. Woven rattan and seagrass are other options you should look into for the furniture or accents like storage baskets to capture a laid-back result.

Implement Nautical Elements

Don’t have much of a budget to make for a big-scale change? Not to worry, as all you have to do is select a few marine-inspired accents to bring some of the coastal style to your home. And, you’ve got many items you can work with – whether it’s anchors and rope detailing or ship wheels, maritime maps, and compass, you can bet on infusing the interior décor with a true coastal touch.

Details such as these help you bring out the creative side you never even knew was in you as you use them to create an accent feature on the bare dull walls in the hallway, or to bring that living room table to life. To properly show their beauty with all its nuances, add some strategic lighting to accentuate them so you can marvel at them day and night.