Ideas for Best Shiraz Wines of 2010

Shiraz 2010

Shiraz is a type of red wine named after the grape that has dark skin. It is also known as Syrah. In fact, both Syrah and Shiraz are made of the same grape varietal. The only difference is that in Australia they call it Shiraz, and elsewhere it is known as Syrah. No matter how it is called, Shiraz is a very popular red wine, and this grape varietal is planted heavily on the Australian vineyards.

The taste of this dry red wine is special. It is a powerful, dependable, steady and fully-bodied wine that is drinkable alone and there is no need to blend it with other grape varietals. Shiraz originally comes from France, but the Australian vineyards made the Shiraz a popular wine all over the world. Not only in Australia, Shiraz can be found in Canada and South Africa too. We present you the best Shiraz wines of 2010.

Bremerton Selkirk Shiraz 2010 – Bremerton Selkirk Shiraz 2010 is a tremendous wine with a vibrant and deep colour. The grapes for this Shiraz 2010 have been planted and harvested in controlled yields and well-maintained vineyards. The structure of this wine is layered, has a persistent finish and a full-bodied flavour. Aged for18 months in a fine grain oak is what gives the Bremerton Selkirk Shiraz 2010 a special and unique taste. This wine is ideal when paired with kinds of cheeses, Mediterranean food and red meat.

Charles Melton Nine Popes GSM 2010 – This wine is named after the French wine region Chateauneuf du Pape, which means New Castle of the Popes. In the 1980s, an Australian wine expert named Charlie made its own Nine Popes and added few more ingredients. Since then, this exceptional Shiraz wine is known all over the world. Nine Popes Shiraz 2010 has a deep red colour and a unique provencal herb notes with only little green leaf for adding pep to the nose. Aged few years in the bottle, this Shiraz 2010 comes with remarkable taste.

By Farr Shiraz 2010 – By Farr Shiraz 2010 is one of the best Shiraz wines from the 2010 wine collection. This wine has a very unique and fresh flavour which includes notes of spice, pepper, cloves, licorice and cherry fruit that can be felt in the mouth after only one sip. Made by the well-known Australian winemaker Gary Farr, this Shiraz 2010 has been produced and bottled in Victoria. It contains 4% of viognier which enhances the nose and softens the palate. The palate is sweet and followed by intense fruit. If this wine is kept for about 5-10 years, the taste becomes incredible.