Ideas for Adding Vintage Charm to Your Bathroom

You love all things vintage from music to fashion, film and have created a home for yourself that looks like a time capsule. So, now you also want to make sure that your bathroom is keeping with the rest of your home’s retro feel. When it comes to adding a lovely vintage flair to your bathroom, all it takes is a few elements. Pick and use as many of the following ideas as you’d like. It’s up to you just how vintage you want to go.

A Claw Foot Bathtub

Source: Highgrove Bathrooms

For those considering creating a vintage bathroom, nothing says old-fashioned grace and extravagance like elegant freestanding claw foot tub. When they appeared in the 19th century, they were considered a luxury item fit for kings and queens – and today, clawfoot bath tubs continue to make a splash today with their deep basin, classic silhouette and ornate feet. The decorative feet hold the tub off the floor and allow the floor tiles to be seen underneath. And this can be a great way to make the bathroom feel airy and spacious.

Bathroom stores across Australia offer a wide range of the classic cast-iron clawfoot bath tubs in all kinds of colours from white to black, pink and red. Make sure to pick a model with legs that complement your bathroom’s fixtures. For instance, if you have brass fixtures opt for a tub with gold feet, on the other hand, if you have stainless steel fixtures choose a model featuring silver feet. Some clawfoot bath tubs feature matte feet for a more simplistic and streamlined look.

A Pedestal Sink

Source: Vintagetub

Pedestal sinks have a shapely design that draws the eye and adds some unexpected visual variety. Because they take up less visual and actual space than a full vanity, pedestal sinks are perfect for making a small bathroom appear larger. However, the downside to this is that a pedestal sink will lack the storage a vanity provides. That being said, some pedestal sinks often incorporate ledges and hooks that can be used to hold bath and shower essentials.

A Vintage Vanity

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If you like the convenience that a vanity can offer, you can opt for a vessel sink instead of a pedestal one. A vessel sink can be perched on a gorgeous vintage vanity for the ultimate bathroom statement piece. When it comes to the vanity, you don’t need to go shopping. When decorating a vintage-style space, it’s always a great idea to repurpose some old furniture that you have inherited from your family. When using an old piece of furniture as a bathroom vanity, chests and cabinets work best. You can hide the plumbing and you will also have additional storage for extra towels, toilet paper rolls and other necessities.

An Antique Mirror

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A large ornate mirror can add a wow factor to your bathroom. You can explore flea markets and antique shops and I’m sure you’ll find a lovely piece within your budget. Not only will a vintage mirror add nostalgia to the bathroom but it will also enhance the sense of space by bouncing the light around. Again, depending on your tapware, you can opt for a gold or silver-rimmed mirror that will add refinement to the space. If you want a warmer touch, choose a wood-rimmed mirror instead that features ornate engravings for a regal look.

A Dramatic Wall Colour

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If you long for a genuine vintage aesthetic, avoid the neutral coloured walls as seen in the majority of bathrooms in favour of rich colours like for instance dramatic teal or deep burgundy. You can let the wall speak for itself or continue with the same dramatic palette throughout the room by picking a clawfoot bathtub in a bold colour, painting the vanity to make it pop or installing a dark hardwood floor.

Stained Glass Windows

Source: Decoratorist

If your bathroom has windows consider adding stained glass. Stained glass is an excellent way to provide privacy without having to install window treatments or hang curtains. But in a vintage-style bathroom, stained-glass windows with floral motifs will add a much-needed decorative touch.

Old-Fashioned Faucets

Source: Baiacolorata

For that period look, opt for cross and lever faucets in your sink. Also, if you find it practical, using separate hot and cold taps will bring a genuine 19th century feel. For the bath and shower area, an English-style “telephone” faucet and hand shower combination with look extremely charming. Especially when paired with a claw foot bathtub.

Eye-Catching Lighting

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A vintage bathroom can benefit from touches of glitz, especially when lighting is concerned. If the space allows it, consider adding a large chandelier in the middle of the room. A pair of wall-mounted sconces above the vanity is a great choice for task lighting.