Ideal Yard: Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas

We want to have it all, the perfect interior décor, the ideal yard as an extension of the home comfort, but what we don’t want (at least most of us) is having to do the hard work of maintaining the outdoors.

Thank goodness for low maintenance landscaping! When I say this, I mean any aspect that has to do with the outdoor décor has to be easy to clean or take care of, so I’m going to start with something utilitarian and stylish: the wall mounted letter box.

Love it or hate it, snail mail is still here, and as such the letterbox has a role of its own in the style of the yard, so there’s no way about it – consider it as just the element you need to personalise the space.

Now, in terms of ease of cleaning and preserving, you should be after a wall mounted letter box design that promises exactly that with the materials it’s made of. For example, choose something that’s made for longevity and can withstand the weather elements, such as aluminium, or sustainable wood like Accoya.


Beautiful to look at, piece of cake for maintenance, what’s not to love? Moving on to the bigger elements, greenery is always welcome, but it’s important to choose carefully. Having a tree with lovely shade is the best you can get yet be sure to purchase one that’s in the right size for the yard, and doesn’t need much tending to the needs like regular pruning.

The Katsura tree makes a great option, all it needs is plenty of sunlight and moist soil so you can enjoy its year round beauty. I know grass is appealing, however, you’d do much better if you opt for mulch beds instead, considering they are helpful with fertilising plants as much as they are with fighting pesky weeds.

Shrubs are also a perfect treat for the yard, and when you pick ones, like lavender is, then you know they are a treat for you too thanks to the beautiful flowers and the lovely scent they have. They are easy to take care of, drought tolerant, but the best part of them is they are a bug repellent.

Then again, too much greenery means having more gardening chores at hand, so don’t exaggerate. You can fill up the gap by creating an entertaining area with the addition of stone (an option if you can’t have a deck), preferably the hardwearing bluestone, and a table and chairs set made of teak to enjoy outdoor meals or simply relax. No fuss!