How To Select Art For Your Home

Selecting art for your home can be an exciting adventure. In addition it will be a source of enjoyment for years to come. But how to do that right?

The key is figuring out exactly what kind of art you like, if it will match the rest of your home decor, and what is the best way to exhibit the art. And because we are all about making life easier, get your art online.


  1. Find out what is available

    Before you make your choice, look at as much art as you can. In addition to museums and art galleries, visit exhibitions and public spaces that exhibit art like libraries. Searching for art online is also another great way to find a wide range of fine art available worldwide. One of the greatest advantages of looking for art online is that you can search for the specific piece and save time.

  2. Search for great art according to your preferences

    Online auction sites are a great place to start. Give preference to the self-representing artists and stay away from Chinese art, as they are mostly ripoffs. Before you decide to bid, read about the seller and ask questions. If they don’t respond to you, move on and find a seller who will be pleased to assist you.

  3. Visit school art shows

    If you live in a big city or near one which has a renowned Art School, try to find out when the school exhibits its students’ artwork and try to attend the show. Here you can find and purchase fine art at much lower prices compared to commercial galleries.

  4. Make sure to select a size that can fit you particular space

    Keep in mind that selecting an art piece that is too large for your space will overwhelm the room; and a piece that is too small will be lost and will look out of proportion. So, measure the wall you want to hang the art on. Make sure to leave enough ‘white space’ so it does not feel crowded.

  5. Pick an artwork that matches the design of the room

    Select one or two of the boldest colours in the room and look for artwork that features those colors. This does not mean you want an exact match.

  6. Opt for painting that matches the style of your home

    If your home is filled with antiques, you may want to use an antique-style frames to frame the painting. But if you have large rooms with contemporary furniture, then a large contemporary painting will better suit the space.

  7. Hang the art correctly

    Although there is a rule that artwork should be hung in a form that the center of picture is at eye level and sculptures should sit on the floor, a table, or pedestal, do not blindly follow these rules; instead use them as a guideline. Feel free to try your own way.