How to Choose the Right Gym Leotard for Girls

Just like in ballet leotards are also a must-have piece in gymnastics as well. Being versatile, smooth, soft and comfortable, girls gymnastics leotards are an essential piece when training and competing. Having the freedom to perform all the needed moves while not feeling any physical pressure is of great importance. Besides choosing the ideal fit, there are some other important factors to keep in mind when buying the right kids gymnastics leotard for your little girl.


Pick the Right Material

Even if you’re wearing the loosest and comfiest clothes, if the material is not right, you will start feeling uncomfortable after a while. Although leotards are mainly made from Spandex or also known as lycra, over the years the nylon/Spandex combo has proven as more durable and comfortable.

Since Lycra is extremely stretchy and nylon is not, experts say that precisely this makes them the best combo for comfortable and durable girls gymnastics leotards. Coming in a wide range of colours and designs, there are a lot of options to choose from. Another reason why this fabric combination is so popular is that it does not cause itchiness. It is soft and smooth enough to caress the skin while being extremely sturdy. Additionally, nylon/spandex kids gymnastics leotards won’t lose their shape and can withstand repeated washing. All in all, this combo is considered the best-of-the-best.

Nowadays, both lycra and nylon/lycra are great options for leotards. Although in the past velvet and velour were quite popular for the purpose, they lost their popularity because they can make the gymnast hot and sweaty. Additionally, caring for velvet and velour requires more time and effort since they are quite delicate fabrics, unlike spandex and nylon which only need to be machine-washed.


Choose the Right Style

Nowadays, leotards are available in many styles. Besides picking from sleeveless and with sleeves, you can also choose from the many different back style leotards. A wrap back, cami straps and open back are some of the many back styles available. Little girls really love the idea of wearing something fancy and colourful, so these pieces can make them really happy.

An important thing to have in mind when choosing a leotard is to make sure that the chosen model won’t compromise the leotard’s firmness during a range of movements. If you think that the chosen model will slip off your girl’s shoulders and move constantly, then you should probably choose another one.

Choose the Right Size

Measure your girl’s height and choose the proper size according to the manufacturer’s chart. You will need to measure her chest, shoulders and torso in order to get the right measurements. Get the measurements right in order to choose the right fit for your little gymnast.


Commons Mistakes to Avoid

One of the most common mistakes people make is sizing down. This mistake is mainly done when the gymnast is in between sizes, so parents usually decide on the smaller size. By doing this, you will only contribute to your girl feeling uncomfortable in her new ballet leotard. So, if you find yourself in this situation, always choose one size up.

Choosing the more affordable leotard is another common mistake parents do. Having more leotards won’t make your girl more successful. It’s quality and comfort you should aim for, as that way, your girl will have more freedom to move and perform her best. The better the quality, the bigger the comfort. The quality of the material is also related to its durability. It’s really simple, the lower the quality, the lower its durability, and vice versa.

Where to Buy Toddler Gymnastics Leotards?

The ideal place to look for quality leotards is at reliable and trusted suppliers. Collaborating with reputable brands, these suppliers are sure to provide you with the best pieces at the most reasonable prices.