Home Flooring Ideas: The Case for Vinyl Floors

Picking the right floor for your home shouldn’t have to be a challenging process. That’s what vinyl floors are there for! The variety of vinyl floors are perfect to meet the needs and expectations for every area from the hallway to the living room, bedroom, kitchen and even bathroom! Here are the reasons why vinyl flooring for home is such an excellent choice.

Why Choose Vinyl for Your Home

Durable Floor

Choosing floors for your home should be done with longevity in mind. This isn’t something you will replace again in a few years, so the material should be durable and serve you well for a long time. Vinyl is one of those materials that’s not praised only for the low prices, but for its durability as well. Even if damages occur, you can easily repair them, without having to change the entire floor. With proper maintenance, vinyl can last for at least a decade (up to two), but more on that later.

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One of the main reasons why so many people invest in vinyl flooring for home is that it is waterproof. This makes it perfect for kitchens and bathrooms but also for entryways where people walk with dirty, muddy and wet shoes. You can also use vinyl flooring for laundry rooms and basements.

However, just because it’s waterproof doesn’t mean that it can’t be damaged by water. Water damage is not common for vinyl especially for sheet vinyl, but it could still happen. The degree of damage depends mostly on the installation. Water can make moulds and bumps onto the vinyl and can easily open the seams. This is why the floor must be dry before you install the vinyl tiles.

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Vinyl sheets don’t need seams during installation, but the tiles have numerous seams, where water can easily penetrate. If the instalment is good, the water can’t damage the vinyl and it will last for years.

Comfortable for Walking

Hard floors can feel harsh on the feet, even at home. Usually, vinyl flooring is chosen for objects like hospitals where there is heavy traffic and people tend to spend a lot of time on their feet. But, even for homes, it is a great option, since it feels soft and elastic when you walk over it. You can find vinyl sheets and tiles that have a padded layer, which makes vinyl very comfy on the feet. It is excellent if you have small children or elderly people in your household. The softness of the floor will absorb the shock of potential falling.

Easy For Maintenance

With people’s fast tempo of life, every extra activity may seem like a burden. This is why choosing vinyl for home flooring is a smart idea. It doesn’t take forever to clean it and doesn’t demand any extra spendings on suitable cleaning products. You can mop, sweep or vacuum it when necessary. You won’t have to use bleach, abrasives or ammonia, and waxing isn’t necessary.

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You can find vinyl cleaning products on the market, but they aren’t mandatory; get them if you want to use them, not because you have to. When moving heavy pieces of furniture across the room, make sure to add protective caps so you won’t scratch the floor. Also, vinyl is sensitive to strong sunlight, so make sure to cover the windows with covers or curtains, so the vinyl floor isn’t directly exposed to sunlight.

Types of Vinyl Floors

Manufacturers offer vinyl in several different types. The most popular option is tiling and comes in sizes of 22-30cm -wide. Vinyl tiles can be a great ceramic tiles substitute because of their appearance. They are very affordable so you can get the looks you want for your hallways, kitchen or bathroom for a good price. Also, you can find luxury vinyl tiles that look like wood or stone and they come in plank shapes (17cm wide, 120cm long).

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Besides tiles, vinyl can be found in sheets. They are easy for instalment and are water-resistant, making them ideal for areas of the house where spilling liquids is frequent. They can be installed without seams (kitchen or bathroom). Make sure to consider where you will lay the seam so it will not be visible. Manufacturers also offer rigid core vinyl planks with a rigid core construction (SPC or WPC); this type has a thin layer of vinyl over the waterproof core. You can also choose vinyl planks that look like laminate or hardwood; the great feature is that they are entirely waterproof.

If you can’t make up your mind you can get hybrid vinyl planks that are a mix of the best vinyl and laminate floors. These are also completely waterproof and have a more durable top coating than laminate floors. Finally, you can go with SPC vinyl planks with a stone plastic composite core that has superb prices and is suitable for commercial and residential areas. The durable and waterproof WPC vinyl planks are a mix of plastic; the great thing about it is that it is very easy for DIY installation.

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.