Halloween Costume Ideas with Roller Skates!

Is it Halloween yet? That crispy October night when everyone’s out to give you a fright? A night when everyone with even a little bit of adventurous spirit is faced with the quest for finding their creativity and revealing it to the rest of the world? Led by the imagination of the Halloween magic, an idea was born that every costume has a potential to be way cooler if the wearer was somehow taller, faster and ready to roll… Roller skates are therefore, an awesome addition to anything you might be wearing that night, but just in case you need some ideas, we’ve put together a few that will certainly do!

Halloweening on roller skates will give you advantages and super powers over others when it comes to trick-or-treating, and superhero is what you might as well be. To prepare, shop for the roller derby clothing Australia wide, offline or online.


All you need is a T-shirt that has some superhero sign on it, a cool skirt or shorts to go with it (you can add a belt or stickers to make them more genuine), some matching knee socks, your safety gear and get ready for the stares! You’ll be getting most of the candy this year with the Flash-like speed that the roller skates will provide you with. Get that Wonder-woman or Bat-girl on the go and skate like pro! Of course, if this is your first time skating, you need to practice at least a week prior to the event.

Halloween is also time to reveal your originality and ability to connect the dots when deciding on your mystical persona for the night… It is the perfect night to unleash a character such as the Black Swan and the roller skates will only make it more authentic and fun to watch.


This picture pretty much sums up all you might need, and there is one extra thing – loose the ballet flats and get on the roller blades, STAT!

Last, but not the least, a costume that simply begs to be spiced up with roller skates – the pin up maids!

The simplest way to get this look is by putting on a headband with a showy flower, a shirt that reveals the waist (tie it that way) and some old-fashion shorts too. Red lipstick, bold eyelashes and some curls will also look great.

Have fun and dare to skate, trick and get scared!