Gymnastic Wardrobe Ideas: Leotards Buying Guide

Girls wearing leotards


Gymnastics is a sport with a very long and rich history that spans thousands of years. It is believed to originate from Ancient Greece, from Sparta and Athens, where it was used as a form of exercise, partly to prepare men for war.

As years passed, gymnastics still held a high place on the list of desirable sports, earning its spot in the Olympic Games. Ever since, it has been growing and developing into a sport that’s highly recommended and loved by young as well as older people both professionally and recreationally.

To practice gymnastics, however, you need the proper equipment, as is with any other sport. For starters, having a safe and suitable place for practising is imperative, as gymnastics usually involves a lot of twists and turns that can’t be done just anywhere. It also requires special clothing.

Gymnastic leotards are the main piece of clothing for this sport, which is why there are various things to keep in mind when shopping for them. Let’s talk in more detail.


Gymnastic leotard for a girl


As you already know from everyday clothing, the material used to make the clothes we wear can make a very big difference in how we feel while wearing them. If you put on a wool blouse in summer you can be sure you’ll be sweating before you leave the house, and if you put on a pair of sheer pantyhose in winter you’ll get extremely cold extremely fast.

Dressing according to the situation is imperative, so when it comes to sports, it only makes sense to pay attention to the material of the sports clothing even more. For gymnastics leos, the key is breathability accompanied by flexibility. Not many materials can provide this, so when looking to buy gymnastics leotards, always make sure to buy from a specialized store that offers a wide range of stretchy and quality materials.

Materials like pure cotton won’t do well here, but special blends are made every day where these two properties are taken into consideration, making the leotard exactly what it needs to be.


Different leotard designs


As we said, gymnastics requires a lot of movement, so the gymnastics leotard can’t be something that restricts that or makes the gymnast uncomfortable in any way.

There are many different designs of gymnastics leos which are perfect for both practice and competitions, all designed to make sure the wearer is completely free to move and can do any activity successfully. Similar to dance leotards, gymnastics leos come in different styles and cuts, all with their own benefit. For example, you can choose a simple, short-sleeved leotard for practice and a more decorated, spaghetti-strapped one for competing in.

Long sleeve models are also available for colder months and for those who’d like to bring attention to their arms. There are also various leotards with a crossed back style, thick straps, mesh detailing throughout, and so on. Just because a leotard is for gymnastics it doesn’t mean it has to be boring. You can get a fun, eye-catching leotards for both practising and competitions and make your gymnast feel extremely pretty as well as comfortable.


Girls in different sizes of gymnastic leotards


Maybe the most important thing out of all three, proper sizing can really make or break a performance, and I do mean that quite literally. Gymnastics, especially if you’re dealing with someone experienced, can be very complicated, so a garment that might mess something up and cause an accident is completely out of the question.

When buying a gymnastics leotard online make sure to check the sizing charts and take proper measurements of the gymnast to be able to correctly size them and order a leo that will fit them perfectly. If you’re buying in-store, of course, try the leo on and let the gymnast do some moves or try out a short routine. Keep an eye on all areas that may cause trouble, like the straps or the openings for the legs.

If it’s a special kind of leotard for a competition and it is intricate, pay attention to the detailing. Nothing fluttery will do. Instead, opt for a leotard that has mesh instead of additions or is partly made of an eye-catching material that will leave an impression. Remember, dance leotards are the ones that can afford to be very decorated, gymnastics ones cannot. As I said, however, gymnastics leos can be as beautiful as dance ones, only in a slightly different way, as the two sports do require different things from the wearer.

To Sum Up

Gymnastics leotards


By paying attention to the size, material, and design of the gymnastics leotard you’re looking to buy you’ll always end up getting one that’s a perfect fit in all departments. If you’re buying for your daughter and not yourself make sure to communicate with her and ask if anything feels amiss. She’ll know how she feels and if the leo doesn’t sit right, you can move on and find one that does.

I’d like to remind you again to always look for gymnastics leotards in stores that specialize in either sportswear or leotards, as they’ll have the best and widest variety of quality models. While you’re there, get a couple of practice leos and make sure to ask about proper maintenance. As I said, most stores stock leos made of specially blended materials that may require different care than what we’re usually used to.