Great Ideas for Keeping Your Kids Entertained at the Beach

Going to the beach is the perfect family activity for summertime. Whether you’re planning to go for a weekend getaway or a longer vacation, visiting the beach with your kids can be a real adventure. However, this is only true as long as your child is happy. We all know kids can easily get bored, annoyed, or frustrated – even at the beach. That said, it’s helpful to have some tricks up your sleeve on how to keep them entertained while also allowing yourself some time to relax.

Ways to Keep Kids Busy at the Beach

little boy with toys on the beach

We’ve compiled a list of the most entertaining beach activities for kids that can be adapted according to their age. Remember, some of them may require a bit of pre-planning, so keep that in mind. Here are our top recommendations for keeping your kids busy and engaged:

Beach Games

The beach is the perfect place for games because there is so much space available. You can even have your kids play in the water. There are so many great games for kids to choose from, such as volleyball, cricket, football, or tossing a frisbee. Gear up for your next trip with a fun beach toy and see your child have endless fun. You can choose from several beach toy options – an inflatable ball, bats, flying disks, or even a ping pong set. Whether they’ll be playing with their parent, siblings, or friends, games are an excellent idea to keep them busy while also providing physical exercise, social interaction, and fun in the sun.

By engaging in physical activities like running, jumping, and swimming, they will burn off excess energy and enhance their motor skills. Moreover, beach games provide opportunities for children to interact with their peers, family members and maybe even meet new friends. Playing in teams, taking turns, and engaging in friendly competition fosters social skills such as communication, teamwork, sportsmanship, and problem-solving. These interactions can help kids develop their social abilities, build relationships, and learn how to cooperate with others.

Fly a Kite

little girl flying kite on the beach

Flying a kite is an excellent idea for keeping kids entertained at the beach. It combines outdoor fun, physical activity, and a sense of accomplishment as they see their kite soaring through the sky. It can keep your kids busy for hours, especially on windy days. For young children or beginners, it’s advisable to start with a small to medium-sized kite that is easier to handle. For instance, single-line kites are a good choice as they’re easier to control. Dual-line kites, on the other hand, are suitable for older kids or those interested in more advanced flying techniques.

Build Sandcastles

three little kids building sandcastle on the beach

Building sandcastles is an activity that promotes creativity and fosters imagination while also keeping the kids busy. Remember to bring along sandcastle-building tools such as buckets, shovels, and moulds of various shapes and sizes to enhance the experience. Encourage your kids to let their imaginations run wild, experiment with different techniques, and have fun while creating their sandcastles. They can also decorate them with rocks or even have a building competition.

Shell Collecting

Shell collecting is a delightful and educational activity that engages children with nature, stimulates their senses, and sparks their curiosity. It’s an ideal way to make the most of a beach outing and create lasting memories of their seaside exploration. By collecting shells, they can learn about the marine ecosystem, explore their surroundings, and express their creativity. Additionally, they can keep the shells they collect as souvenirs. This can be done by using the shells in an arts and crafts project or making jewellery out of them. Remember to bring a bucket so you have a place to store them and encourage your kids to only collect empty seashells and not to disturb other living creatures.

Water Activities

Splashing in the water, swimming, or pretend playing as mermaids are guaranteed ways for your children to have a blast. You can adapt the water activity according to their age and make sure they’re supervised at all times. If your kid is older and a confident swimmer you can engage in more advanced activities such as paddleboarding and snorkeling. Water activities not only keep kids busy but also offer opportunities for exercise, social interaction, and an opportunity to cool off.

Picnic on the Beach

three little kids having picnic on the beach, eating watermelon

If you don’t want to get wet and sandy, having a picnic on the beach is a classic family activity that requires minimal planning and will keep your kids entertained. You can all appreciate the ocean view by consuming a tasty meal and enjoying each other’s company. Moreover, it’s a cost-effective way to spend some quality time together as you can bring your own food, drinks, blanket, and other picnic essentials. Pack easy-to-eat food such as snacks, sandwiches, refreshing drinks, and if you’re feeling fancy, a charcuterie board. Don’t forget to bring garbage bags in order to keep the beach clean.

Tips for Going to the Beach with Kids

Before you take on this exciting adventure you need to bring all the essentials that will allow your kids to have the safest and most pleasant beach experience. That said, bringing sunscreen is crucial to avoid sunburn and protect your child’s skin from damage. Look for kid-friendly options and opt for a sunscreen with a high SPF of 30 or higher.

Also, bring lots of water and ensure that both you and your kid are staying well hydrated. Remind them to drink regularly, especially during active play or when spending extended periods in the sun. Last but not least, consider packing some essentials such as towels, chairs, mats, an umbrella, a first-aid kit, and a change of clothes. Kids may get sweaty, wet, or dirty, so having an extra pair of swimsuits is extremely beneficial.

Is It Safe for Kids at the Beach?

The beach can be a safe and enjoyable place for kids when proper precautions are taken. Choose a beach with a large sandy area and shallow water for young or inexperienced swimmers. Also, it’s important to avoid beaches with abrupt drop-offs and if possible, seek out locations where the water remains shallow near the shore. Proper adult supervision is essential when kids are at the beach, especially for younger children. That said, closely watch your children and beware of potential hazards, such as strong currents, steep rocks, or jellyfish. Moreover, teach children about water safety and responsible beach play. Although accidents can happen, the beach is generally considered a safe environment for kids if the above-mentioned safety measures are followed.


We hope our ideas helped you get some inspiration for your next beach trip. Make sure to select beach activities that are both enjoyable for your kids and feasible for you. Customize the activities based on their age, preferences, and abilities. Remember to pack some essential items for the beach and adhere to the safety guidelines we mentioned earlier. Most importantly, have a great time and create meaningful family bonds while enjoying your beach outing.