Gift Ideas for Toddlers That Are Fun, Educational & Practical

Finding the best gifts for toddlers can be complicated. You need to pick something that will not only impress the parents, but also the toddler. And unlike babies who don’t really appreciate the act of giving, toddlers can be picky little humans about everything, not just food. So, not any gift will do.

That being said, the pressure before you can make you run out of any ideas. To help spark your inspiration, here’s a list of the most popular toddler gifts. Some are fun, some are educational and others are immensely practical.

A Potty Chair


If you’re looking for gifts for toddlers that are practical, a potty chair is a great idea. Toilet training is a big step in a toddler’s life. That’s why many parents want to begin toilet training as early as possible. So, it can help to get them a cute and comfy potty chair that can ease the little one’s transition to using a toilet.

If you want your gift to really stand out, there are potties that can simulate the look and feel of a grown-up toilet, complete with a flushing sound. The little one will find it fun to press the flush button that produces a genuine flushing sound.

A Feeding Kit


Toddlers like to feel independent, and getting to eat by their own selves sure gives them a confidence boost. To help them stay safe while doing so, they need specialised toddler tableware. That being said, a toddler feeding kit that includes silicon plates and bowls and safe and easy-to-use cutlery can make a great gift idea. Make sure that the kit you pick is BPA, lead and phthalate free as well as dishwasher safe for greater convenience. You can even find silicone suction plates that stick securely to a surface, thus helping to prevent any spills and feeding accidents.

A Ride-on Toy


Whether it’s a pushbike, tricycles or a battery-powered mini car, a ride on toy will surely become the toddler’s favourite pastime choice. Besides being incredibly fun, ride-on toys can have many additional benefits. For one, they can help young children improve their motor skills, gain a better sense of balance and develop eye-hand coordination. What’s more, a set of wheels can also instil a love of physical activity and be a great way to spend some time outdoors.

A Wooden Puzzle


Puzzles are one of those rare toys that are fun to play with and at the same time are great for learning – helping to boost toddlers’ cognitive and motor skills. They have fun colours and shapes and often depict interesting scenes that motivate children to overcome the challenge of making the pieces fit together.

While cardboard puzzles are more common and more affordable, a wooden puzzle makes for a more thoughtful gift. Unlike cardboard puzzles, wooden puzzles don’t get easily damaged and have more attractive designs. As a result, a wooden puzzle can withstand the test of time and become a cherished item that can be passed on to different generations.

A Lovely Nightlight


While toddlers may be grown enough to safely sleep on their own, they still can use some warmth and comfort. To help them get used to sleeping alone easily, a nightlight is super important. Besides providing a comforting glow, a nightlight can also serve as an additional ambient light source, and be an interesting décor piece in the toddler’s bedroom. And now that the days get darker and shorter, it means that comforting and colourful nightlights are even more necessary.

The many fun shapes and designs that nightlights are available in, can help make bedtime feel like an adventure for the toddler instead of an obligation that’s putting an end to his/her playtime. Get informed about what the toddler’s favourite cartoon character is or pick a light in his/her favourite colour. It can make a whole lot of difference in impressing the little one.

A Guitar


Passion for music can start at a very young age. Have you noticed the toddler holding imaginary concerts with an air guitar? Then, a toy guitar can make a great present. And if it’s an older toddler we’re talking about, around 3 years of age, then you can even get them their first-ever guitar. In fact, there are guitars that are specifically designed for little kids and toddlers, like the Loog for instance.

The Loog guitar is small and lightweight and only has three strings which make it much easier to remember which finger goes where. Although it might not be able to create all the sounds a standard guitar can, a toddler guitar with 3 strings is great for learning to master the basic chords which are the foundation of guitar playing. What’s more, the reduced number of strings can help eliminate anxiety and boost confidence which can result in increased desire to continue improving.

A guitar isn’t just a fun gift idea, but it can also boost children’s brain development as learning an instrument is found to do.