Gift Ideas for the Die-Hard Harry Potter Fans

Harry Potter is a book and movie franchise that has gained fans worldwide. It’s a beautiful story about the never-ending battle between good and evil. Some people consider it childish, boring and pointless, but there is a whole fanbase out in the world that will prove it to be quite the opposite. It has breathtaking locations, complex characters, unexpected twists and a bit of romance.

All of this has made many people big Harry Potter fans enjoying every minute of it. It’s a big supporting community that loves cosplay and expressing its love for the franchise. Because of this, companies created everyday objects with the Harry Potter logo. Collectibles such as dolls, keychains, clothes, mugs, wands and much more can be the perfect gift if some of your friends or family are big fans.

Harry Potter Bedding

Gryffindor bedding

If you want to add a bit of magic to someone’s life, whether your child or a friend, charming bedding will do the trick. You’ll have so many prints and patterns that choosing the right bedding may seem impossible. You could go with Harry alone or with his friends, the crest of Gryffindor, the mark on the train station or some of the spells the main characters use. You can even flip some bedding sets and get a different pattern to enjoy.

You could go with different materials and shapes. For example, cotton is one of the most breathable and comfortable materials. It’ll be a perfect option for both the summer and winter months. Plus, it’s very durable, which means they’ll have it for a long time, and it gives out a cozy feeling every time you use it. Linen is also another good choice because it’s hypoallergenic and absorbs moisture. This will be the perfect material for small children and people who have allergy issues.

Almost all of these beddings are machine washable and easy to clean. You can even put them in the dryer. Size is also important. Always get 20cm longer and wider bedding than the mattress. This way, you can comfortably fold it beneath the mattress, and it won’t slip off the bed. Just imagine a beautiful Harry Potter Gryffindor crest bedding spread out on your mattress. Or your child napping on their favourite Hufflepuff pillowcase after a long day.

A Harry Poter Inspired Wallet

A simple wallet is a great gift on its own, but just imagine the look on your friend’s face when they see it has a Harry Potter reference on it. A standard black or brown leather one with Slytherin or Hufflepuff crests and green and yellow details will leave a big impression. Not to mention how happy they’ll be if they get another piece for their Gryffindor gear collectibles. Men’s wallets are simpler and with a couple of compartments for the money and some credit and business cards.

Women’s wallets on the other hand can be bigger and more spacious. They usually have a zipped compartment for coins and other valuables. Pockets and card slots are also included. A lot of times they also have a short strap loop so you can hold them in your hand more comfortably. No matter who’s the recipient, always make sure you get the right, high-quality materials. You don’t want to see the wallet in the garbage after a couple of years.

If your friend is a big traveller, you can also include an incognito case to keep them safe from thieves. This is a thoughtful idea that can potentially save them a lot of trouble on the road. Overall, wallets are very affordable and you can get a high-quality one for a reasonable price. And by personalising it with a Harry Potter character, saying, crest or an important symbol, you’ll make it a gift they’ll remember for the rest of their life.


A scarf is always a good gift idea no matter what’s the occasion, a birthday, promotion, graduation or no occasion at all. This is a practical gift that can serve them for many years to come. The scarf should be soft to the touch and give out a feeling of coziness and comfort. And when you combine a good material with their favourite Harry Potter Gryffindor crest, you have the perfect match for a gift. There are many lengths and widths you can choose from depending on the person’s height.

Most of these scarves are unisex, so you won’t have to worry about getting the right colours or details. The knitted ones are among the favourites of Harry Potter fans. They love to wrap themselves during cold winter days. And for the autumn and spring season, they use breathable polyester or acrylic. Besides the regular one, you could get an infinity scarf inspired by the students at Gryffindor. This can be an impressive piece of clothing that will just add another spark to the overall outfit.


Hogwarts 3D puzzle

Who doesn’t love solving puzzles? It’s very beneficial for our mental health, and it’s a great gift idea at any time, no matter the occasion and the person’s age. But when the picture you’re putting together is from one of your favourite books or movies, the joy is even bigger. Nowadays, there are so many choices, from smaller ones of 100 pieces to extremely big ones up to 3000 pieces. You could get a puzzle of the characters, Hogwarts, the crests, some important landscapes or all of the unusual animals.

Completing the puzzle can be a satisfactory process the receiver can do independently or share it with someone else. After they’re done, they could break it up again or frame it and hang it on their wall. These vivid puzzles are an excellent wall decoration that can be a good conversation starter and wow everyone that sees it. You can take it to the next level and even buy a 3D puzzle that will show the complete structure of the Hogwarts castle, the great hall, the Hogwarts Express or some of the main characters’ houses.

In Summary

When people appreciate a certain book or a movie as Harry Potter fans do, they develop so many new creative ways to express their love for it. These are just a tiny portion of all possible gifts for Harry Potter fans. You could also do a birthday cake, water bottle, keychain, gloves, movie props, the complete book series, DIY bookmarks, etc. The only limit is your imagination.