Getting an Idea of What’s the Right Quilt Cover for Your Bed

Quilt covers are also known as duvet covers and these cosy pieces of bedding are basically coverlets that are used to put over quilting or stuffing, similarly to a pillowcase. The advantages of using a quilt cover are numerous, one of them being the fact that the outer layer can be removed, washed and placed in the dryer – which is something you cannot really do with an actual quilt. Simply put, quilt covers are an easy way to always keep your bedding fresh and clean.

queen quilt cover

And just like beds come in different sizes, quilt covers come in various sizes as well. So before buying one, whether online or offline, make sure to know the correct size of the bed that you’re buying it for. Do you need a single, a double, a queen quilt cover or one for a king size bed? Let’s see where you should first start.

Measure the Bed Size

You can either measure the bed that you need the quilt cover for or look for the exact measurements by simply checking the bed itself or the manufacturer’s website to find the specific model and write down the details. It is always a good idea to measure the size of the mattress and then add a few centimetres to make sure that the quilt cover sits comfortably on the bed. It is also a good idea to measure the duvet to ensure that the cover fits well over it.

The Standard Bed Sizes

There are several standard bed sizes that are commonly used to ensure that you buy the right size of quilt cover. These are the different types of bed sizes and the right size of a quilt cover for them, respectively:

  • Single Bed – 140 by 210cm – a single quilt cover
  • Double – 180 by 210cm – a double quilt cover
  • Queen – 210 by 210cm – a queen quilt cover
  • King – 240 by 210cm – a king quilt cover

The Material

Quilt covers are made of all kinds of materials, the most common ones being cotton and cotton blends, synthetic materials, flannel and even luxurious silk. And while different materials come at different prices, they all also have different features. The thicker quilt covers will keep you warmer during winter time, so make sure to choose lighter ones for summer time. Also, bear your skin type in mind – if you have sensitive skin, choose a breathable natural fibre such as cotton or bamboo, instead of microfibre. If you have pets that are allowed to sleep on your bed however, you might want to stay away from the more delicate fabrics such as satin or silk so they don’t get ruined sooner than anticipated.