Get the Idea on Why the FLIR E75 Is a Top Notch TI Camera

Investing in testing equipment is a big commitment. Even though the prices of test equipment have fallen dramatically over the past several years, you still want to make sure you’re getting the best value for your money spent and choose the piece that will serve you in the long run. For a lot of people, cost is the driving force, while software and hardware features are more important for others. Regardless in which group of people you belong to, in the end, quality and dependability is what you’re after when looking to buy a thermal imaging camera.

There’s a plethora of options when shopping for thermal imaging cameras, ranging from affordable point-and-shoot style cameras, to specialised science and research cameras. In this article, I’ll be talking about the point-and-shoot cameras, the FLIR E75 thermal imaging camera in particular, as it’s a quality mid-ranged camera packed with a lot of amazing features, capable of troubleshooting electrical, power and mechanical systems easy and quickly.


The FLIR E75 thermal imaging camera features a bigger and brighter touchscreen than other FLIR models, as well as provides an intuitive navigation system filled with multi-touch gesture support with the same sensitivity of a tablet or smartphone. The screen is made of Dragontail glass and the entire camera is housed in a rubberised water and dust resistant housing, making it perfect for the harsh Australian environment.

This thermal imaging camera is capable of producing a clear image thanks to its 320×240 infrared resolution and 0.03°C, even when working in areas where the differences in temperature are small or you’re at a distance. Besides having a great resolution and sensitivity, the FLIR E75 features imaging tools which can help identify patterns and edges and add them in real time to the thermal image. MSX is a software patented to FLIR and it contains all the thermal patterns and temperature information with visual references and detail.

FLIR E75 thermal imaging camera

And lastly, the FLIR cameras have had wireless communication for a while now and this trend doesn’t stop with the E75, which has both WiFi and Bluetooth. These features allow you to send readings to a mobile device or a computer, where another person can get the readings for you or give you an extra opinion, which is sometimes needed. You can store all of the visual and thermal images on an SD card, which the E75 allows.

Overall, the FLIR E75 is a great piece of equipment for a lot of inspectors, contractors and employees in many industries. It features a lot of features which make it super convenient and reliable. The software tools that FLIR includes in their cameras only add to the convenience and functionality of this amazing device.

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