Get the Idea of Horse Care with the Basic Horse Supplies

So you’ve finally made the decision to welcome a horse into your life; hooray, you get a loyal loving friend! Much like welcoming a cat, dog, or any other pet or animal, you have to do whatever you can to prepare the home for the grand welcoming.

Horses require the same TLC any animal does, if not more given their size, so there are some basic horse supplies you’d have to acquire from specialized stores prior to getting the horse. Since you’d have to include giving fresh food and water among your daily chores, you have to start from something as essential as water bowls and hay feeders.


The reason a feeder makes a better option than a feed tub has to do with how much less space it takes up, as well as leads to less waste and promotes healthy eating habits which shouldn’t be taken lightly given that horse obesity is on the rise. In case you live in a colder area, where temperature goes below zero, it’s advisable to acquire water heaters.

You’re probably aware grooming is a necessity too is you want to promote healthy hair and mane with beautiful natural glow, so an assortment of grooming kit, made up of brushes, combs and mitts should be part of your essential horse supplies.

The hooves aren’t to be overlooked either since hoof care keeps your horse safe and sound. This means daily care with a hoof pick can make a huge difference in the long-term health, knowing how crucial it is to remove dirt or debris.

Hooves are more sensitive than they seem because something as insignificant as wet footing or staying in mud for a longer period of time can lead to serious problems such as thrush and abscesses.

Counting on adequate protection, preventing injuries from riding or exercising, you must acquire the suitable boots and wraps preferably for all four hooves, and if necessary, don’t shy away from getting the help of an experienced farrier, especially with the trimming.

Flies can be really annoying, and worst of all isn’t the annoying part, it’s the fact they transmit diseases like anemia, anthrax and anaplasmosis. This makes repellents and masks (e.g. citronella, tea tree) must-haves to protect the eyes, nose, and mouth among other sensitive areas.

As for riding, doesn’t matter if it’s English or Western, you need basics such as saddle pads, blankets, saddles with girth, and equipment for you like helmet and safety stirrups. As soon as you get your horse, keep an eye on it and its eating habits to be sure it’s all well.