Get Creative: Ideas For Handmade Picture Frames

God bless the Internet for there are thousands of insanely easy and clever DIY projects. Do not worry, I am not talking about goofing around with sticks and glue with no clue of what you are doing. I am talking about being creative and opening your mind to the beauty and art of interior design. So, why not let your creativity guide you and indulge in the process of making handmade picture frames?

Of course, if you are not a DIY person, you can always search online and get yourself one or few handmade picture frames. For those of you that do like to get creative, here are a few ideas to design your own fancy, stylish and colourful frames, perfect for any interior design pattern, and most importantly, very easy and fun to make.

popsicle stick picture frame

The popsicle stick handmade picture frames

If your rooms are designed in a more casual, new age style, these super cute frames will fit in just perfectly. Also, they can be an ideal decoration for your kids’ bedroom. They are pretty simple to make, all you need is:

  • a package of popsicle sticks (either jumbo or regular size, depending on how big you want your frame to be);
  • washi tape;
  • glue;
  • magnets;
  • some freckle fawn wood chips.

Wrap the washi tape around the popsicle sticks. Use as many as you want depending on the size you are aiming at and use various designs and colours of the washi tape. Glue the wrapped ones on two other sticks positioned in the opposite direction of the wrapped ones to create the plate. Afterward, glue a magnet on the backside so that you can attach the frame. Next, choose a photo and attach it on the colourful plate with a push pin, glue or tape. You can add other decorations as well, anything you may think will go well on the plate.


Old wood put to use

You do not need to throw away those pieces of old wood you so much love– you can use them to make beautiful picture frames to decorate your rooms. Use wood to make equally sized sticks: similar to the popsicle ones, just bigger and heavier, of course. Paint them in your preferred colour. Once carved and painted, connect them to create a plate: you can use other wooden sticks to which you can attach all of them, or use some super glue to glue them together. Put two other sticks to determine the area where the photograph is going to be placed and then simply attach it in its place: you can either glue it, use push pins or tapes.

chalkboard picture frame

The chalkboard effect

The chalkboard effect is a very famous trend these days. In every modern home there is at least one chalkboard frame with a quote that says something interesting, funny or wise. However, it is not really a chalkboard that is framed, but rather a print that looks like a chalkboard. For this small project you will need:

  • 4 pieces of wood for the frame;
  • a large piece of wood to attach the print on;
  • a chalkboard print of your taste;
  • mending braces and screws;
  • paint;
  • glue.

The procedure is really simple: take the wooden plate and glue the chalkboard print on it. Use the wooden pieces to frame the print and cut off the rest of the wooden plate. Use the screws and braces to connect everything together and to attach it on the wall. Fancy isn’t it?

If you cannot come up with any creative ideas, search the Internet. It is all about creativity and meaning, price tags have nothing to do with it. Have fun.