Get an Idea of the Importance of Professional Tree Trimming & Clearance

While most people don’t associate tree trimming and clearance with electric companies, they’re an essential part of providing reliable power to thousands of people. When vegetation and nature interfere with power lines, it can be dangerous to both homeowners and utility workers. Obstructions can cause a fire, stop service or worse – injure or kill someone. Tree clearance from power lines provides utility workers with a safe working environment, helping companies provide stable power to people around the country.

There are many benefits of professional tree clearance from power lines, the most important one being reliable service. There are millions of kilometres of high voltage electric transmission crisscrosses in Australia, and thousands of millions of trees, countless service lines and street lights. It’s all a gigantic system, and utility companies are the ones responsible for maintaining this huge system. They make arrangements to clear vines, trees and bushes from growing near the system. Vegetation management is crucial for reliability and safety, as well as for regulations compliance. Healthy trees don’t fall on utility lines, and clear lines don’t cause issues.

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Trees that have good root systems have less structural decay and weakness. They won’t fall during storms and disrupt services. Overgrown vegetation can also be responsible for interrupting service. Unruly plants can ground the electrical wires and start a fire, so removing them can restore reliability. The next time you have power during bad and stormy weather, thank your tree service providers and the utility company. Keep in mind that you also need to take responsibility for the vegetation that grows in your property near utility lines.

Further, professional clearance can reduce future clearing costs. Line clearance can include pruning branches or removing the whole tree. Trained arborists tailor the best plan for every case. It may be ground level or aerial trimming, both of which can require manual and mechanical labour. The arborists inspect the trees as well as the existing and planned utility lines. They scout for potential vegetation that can interfere with transmission and distribution circuits. Regular inspections are also important to identify potential hazards. Resolving problems beforehand can protect the power supply. All of this is why professional arborists are trained to industry standards and the best practices.

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We’re all reliant on power, regardless of the weather. However, sometimes extreme weather events can cause outages, so we rely on professional tree trimming and removal services and utility companies to restore electrical services as quickly as possible. Tree service can help avoid expensive and extensive damages. However, not all hazards are predictable. Human activity can also interfere with utility lines, so you’ll need an emergency response. Many line clearance companies can also perform storm cleanup, which can include removing burnt trees after a heavy snowfall, flood or fire. Ice damage and freezing temperatures can also place utility lines at risk.

Trimming branches is always a more preferable option than cutting down trees. Trimmed branches don’t cause harm to the environment, and the tree can continue providing homes for wildlife, shade, and absorption of carbon dioxide. With that said, tree trimming services are crucial to keeping a good relationship between utility companies and neighbourhoods and municipalities. Proper pruning of young trees will keep the utility lines clear, minimising the risks and maximising the beauty of the urban landscape. Removing dangerous and dead trees from public places and common areas is essential in every community.

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Vegetation on distribution and transmission lines must be managed for reliable and safe power, which is why having a plan for vegetation management is crucial. Overgrown vegetation poses a threat for utility workers and the public in general. It can mask a problem or even start a fire, preventing access to utility lines for maintenance and repairs. Overgrown vegetation can put property owners at risk, and any contact with power lines can cause injuries and worst case – death. Vegetation on pipeline and electric transmission corridors should be shrubs and low-growing plants. This will help maintain a green space without interfering with utility lines.

Property owners who have trees in their yards or gardens are responsible for them. Your trees need to at a distance of 1.5 metres from the power lines. If your area is prone to bushfires, the distance should be increased by half to two metres. Higher voltage powerlines in an urban area need to be at least 3 metres from your trees. Doing all of this by yourself is not advisable, as you need an Evoenergy accredited surgeon to work near utility lines. The tree clearance company can do all the legwork, including the paperwork to arrange a shutdown of the utility company on the behalf. Once they trim and clear the hazardous trees, they can also perform all the cleaning work to leave your property clean. They can also take away or turn the vegetation into mulch, and leave the timber for you to use.

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