Furry Fashion: The Pros and Cons of Dressing Up Your Puppy

Keeping your puppy happy by spending extra time with it and treating it with toys is of vital importance for keeping it in perfect shape. But you really shouldn’t forget about checking on its behaviour when going out, especially when the temperatures are lower. Unfortunately, some puppies cannot tolerate cold that well which is why a lot of dog owners rely on the use of clothes.

Is It Good for Puppies to Wear Clothes?

One of the greatest misconceptions people had was that furry friends don’t need an extra layer of clothing. While they do have some extra fur to protect them from the cold, the truth is that they can still benefit from wearing apparel. Although clothing isn’t a necessity for every dog and some dog owners put clothes on their pets just for style, still, some dogs really need it because not all of them can withstand cold.

Pros of Clothes for Puppies

clothes for puppy
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Increased Protection

According to veterinarians, those puppies with short or no hair at all need an extra layer of clothing to regulate their body temperature and keep them warm. Quite often, these pets cannot retain enough heat to keep them warm so in most cases this can lead to hypothermia

So, it’s better to prevent something rather than try to cure it, and what better way than to invest in clothes for puppies that can offer the needed warmth? The most commonly used types of clothes are weather-resistant coats and sweaters. Aside from clothing pieces, you can also invest in dog walking shoes, boots and indoor dog slippers and socks that can protect its feet from the cold pavement. But aside from cold, dog footwear can also provide extra protection from the hot pavement and sharp objects like rocks which can lead to cuts and some more serious injuries.

Improved Hygiene

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Wearing a sweater or a coat means that your dog will stay clean all the time, especially when it’s raining or when playing with its friends outdoors. By wearing its clothes, you can certainly save yourself a lot of time cleaning and grooming it because dirt and possible moisture will stay on the clothes and not on its fur. So instead of bathing it or cleaning its fur, you can toss the coat/sweater in the washing machine and have it clean in no time.

Improved Style

Nowadays, you can choose from a large selection of puppy clothes ranging in style, design, colour and size. So, whether you need something special for a special occasion or you just need a good insulating coat when walking around the park, you can easily find what you are looking for. The most important thing to have in mind is to choose a clothing piece of the right size, otherwise, you’ll make your little pup extremely uncomfortable.

Help It Stand Out

Clothes can certainly improve your pup’s security and warmth, however, they can also help it stand out from others and make it easily recognisable. You can also invest in some additional accessories like ties, bandannas and hoodies which will make it more fashionable and easily recognisable.


dog panda clothes
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Allergic Reaction

Just like in humans, some materials can cause allergies in your little pup. One of the most common symptoms of allergies caused by certain materials or chemicals is itching, scratching and irritation, so for those times when you introduce it to some new material, stay alert and watch for any signs of allergic reaction. Your dog may also feel uncomfortable so it might try to get out of its outfit, and this can be just another sign of allergy.


Those puppies that have thicker and larger fur, usually don’t need any kind of additional layer of warmth. Adding an extra layer of warmth and protection to them can easily lead to overheating and hyperthermia, especially when you dress up your pup on a pretty hot day. One of the most common signs of overheating is pet panting and always drinking water. So, it’s better to leave fashion and trends aside and let your pup live its best life fashion-free.

Possible Movement Restriction

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Restriction of movement usually happens when choosing smaller outfit sizes which is why you should measure your dog and compare it to the seller’s sizing guide. This is essential for you to choose the right size of sweater/coat that won’t restrict its movements.


No matter how much you want to help and protect your dog, sometimes, your little pup might not feel comfortable wearing an extra layer of clothes on its body. So, if you have a pet that simply doesn’t love wearing anything on it (not even a collar), then leaving it like that is the best thing you can do for it. Otherwise, you risk causing stress which can lead to the appearance of some other problems.