Four Essential Spring/Summer Interior Trends

Another year, another chance for a home makeover. Whenever a new season comes, we tend to renew our closet, but what happens with our homes? It is important to add a few changes to your home décor every now and then to avoid monotony. It is the place where you go to get some rest from the outside world, not the place that you should run away from. As you begin to do some interior work, you will see your creativity emerge, resulting in a liberating feeling. To help you out, here are four essential things that are trendy this year’s spring and summer seasons, which could be of use to you.

A wallpaper, particularly mural wallpaper, is an excellent decoration that could both amplify the style of your room and add an artistic touch. Even after all the centuries passing by since wallpaper first appeared, the trend has withstood the test of time and is still popular. If you fear of going overboard with decorating and want to avoid visual clutter, there is a myriad of mural wallpaper designs to choose from, from brick/tile, wooden and stone textures to vintage/retro, cityscapes and contemporary styles. They are cheaper than actual murals, so you will also save on money and they are easy to remove in case you want to redecorate your interior after some time again.


You can also use far off lands to add some flair to your interior since decorative pieces from different cultures are always trendy. You cannot go wrong with choosing folk patterns as they give off a warm welcoming feeling to your home, or you can opt to be even bolder by including some tribal patterns (think African, Indian, Hawaiian styles). To create a full tropical ambient during the warmest spring and summer days, South American rainforests with their vibrant colours, plants and animals are your best source of inspiration. You could intensify the experience with a matching mural wallpaper, so do not be surprised if later the style of your interior influences your travels.

A trend that can be called everlasting is the monochromatic black and white style. Because of its popularity over the years, this is the trend for you in case you want to have something that will not need changing anytime soon. Plus, it goes well with both chic and classy furniture pieces, depending on which way you want to take your decoration. A home speaks a great deal about the owner.

As last, one of the most popular trends lately, is having nature dictate the style. With more attention given to the importance of its effects on people’s well-being, designers found ways to blend it in homes. From choosing earth colours, to furniture of more natural materials (including natural fridge door handles), interior decorating is taken to another level. Multi-use pieces made for more storage are accentuated, thus minimalism also makes its way, and with this trend plants can be your primary ornament so you can fully be at one with nature.