Few Tips To Make Better Fishing Videos

Australians are passionate about fishing. Recreational fishing that is. Around 3.5 million Aussies fish every year who spend over $600 million on fishing tackle alone. This includes cameras. After all, fishing for fun or fishing professionally, either way it’s good to make it memorable. Plus, your videos may hep someone improve fishing technique or teach him a new approach. Australian fishing videos have helped you amp up your fishing skills. And you probably still often watch Australian fishing videos made by professional anglers to ensure you stay in the game.


So, here are few practical tips to focus on when filming your fishing adventures.

  1. The internet audience

    First make a research and decide on your audience. Who do you want to create the video for? Also, do you want to create a video that will draw their attention or something they’ll ignore.

  2. Special moments

    Keep it fun! Film the special moments only. Remember, your video needs to tell a story, therefore carefully pick your location, the time and the hour (is day or night scene more attractive to you), and have all the necessary fishing equipment and a waterproof camera ready. Camera is your right-hand man; the must-have gadget for catching unforgettable moments on film, such as fish biting the lure. Watch few Australian fishing videos to see how other anglers have accomplished this.

  3. Shorten the time

    It is not necessary to film every second of your fishing adventure, people get bored by watching long videos; Decide on what is it you want to capture and then stick with 3 to 5 minutes-long clips.

  4. Maximize your camera

    What are the best settings to use on your video camera to capture the best scenes? If your model supports it, then it is the 1080/60p, it gives you the highest quality image and a full high-definition resolution. If you want to capture fast action and a jumping and rebellious fish, then a camera with 720/60p settings is all you need. If you own an underwater GoPro camera, make sure the anti-fog setting is on to prevent the fogging of the lens in hot and cold environments.

    One more useful tip – in order to make better fishing videos, use a class-rated media card in your camera.

  5. Choose the right song for your video

    Believe it or not, music sets a tone and will make your fishing video unique. It is important to choose the right tune the viewers can relate to; this way they will be more interested in watching the video to the very end.

  6. Use a shotgun microphone

    Are you and your friends loudmouths? But even so, ensuring your audience can hear what you or your fishing companions have to say, is crucial. Use an external camera-mounted shotgun microphone.

  7. Cut down the best clips

    Once done filming, it’s time to edit the material. Leave the best clips and delete the bad stuff. If your goal is to attach the video on the Web, then shorten the story and make it attractive to the viewers. Important tip: Do not forget to start your video with something significant and exciting!

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.