Few Ideas on How to Give Your Landscape a Tune-up

A beautiful landscape rich with greenery and texture can give your home curb appeal that makes passers-by envious. But perhaps the most wonderful thing about having a well-designed front yard is that you yourself get to enjoy its refreshing beauty every day. The yard can be your private chill out zone where you spend nice moments with your loved ones or host barbecues with friends. But between your busy schedule and taking care of the house, the landscape can easily become neglected. That’s why we give you a few ideas you can give your landscape a tune-up fast and easy.

The key ingredient to a fresh and stunning landscape is the lawn. Everyone loves a perfect lawn, but rarely does one enjoy mowing it. If the weekly maintenance of your lawn is a challenge for you, then you might consider replacing your old push lawnmower with some of the new and improved motorized versions. Push mowers use all the muscle force one can muster, and still deliver unsatisfactory results with weeds sticking out here and there.


The lawnmowers powerful enough to handle the task with 100% precision are motorized and self-propelled. These types of lawnmowers have greater potential because they are powered by petrol or electricity. Not needing to put in physical effort to push the mower, these lawnmowers offer you greater manoeuvrability and comfort. Moreover, they finish the job of mowing with greater speed which saves you time you can later use for other important landscape maintenance tasks.

If you are really in for buying a new lawn mower, here’s a tip – try to find one with a mulching function. The lawnmowers with a built-in mulcher can grind up the the grass clippings, fallen leaves, weeds and twigs into a mush rich with nutrients which you can scatter around your soil. Regularly feeding your landscape with mulch is important to ensure it grows healthy and luscious. And by opting to buy one piece of gardening equipment which can do the job of two, you essentially reduce the money you’ll spend and the effort involved. Moreover, this kind of mulch is 100% organic which means you’ll avoid poisoning your soil with chemically treated fertilizers.

Besides regularly cutting your lawn and feeding it with a healthy, natural fertilizer, you also need to water it almost daily. If you have a large lawn, managing to water the whole area could be a problem. Perhaps, it’s about time you started thinking about installing an automatic irrigation system in your yard. Not only will you never have to worry about having to water your plants and lawn, but you’ll also save up on your water bills because this system is designed to cover the whole ground without letting any water go to waste.

If you’re planing to spice up your yard with some new plant additions, I have only one thing to suggest, and you’ll thank me later for it. Include drought-tolerant perennials. This is especially suitable for dry climates such as Australia. Not only are these plants low maintenance, but they also have beautiful thick green foliage that will grace your garden all year round, giving it life even in the coldest of winters.