Few Ideas On How To Ensure Safer Crane Operation

When operating a crane, even a small and simple mistake can result in a major disaster. However, many contractors underestimate the cranes, and don’t pay enough attention on the working site. One of the most common mistakes is not setting up the outriggers for heavy lifts, which leaves the crane unstable on the ground. When the outriggers are not set on the ground, the crane can easily tip over. But you don’t have to be a mechanical engineer to operate your crane safely. Check the following ideas in order to ensure safe crane operation.


Get Certification – Certification is a proof that the operators are trained and have the skills to operate the cranes. The law explicitly states that all cranes for sale need to be operated by a licensed operators. However, many construction companies don’t provide appropriate training programs for their operators. By reducing the possibility of crane accidents caused by a human factor, the overall safety on the job site can be significantly increased. Allowing an unqualified operator to operate your crane is like leaving your child to play with a real gun.

Inspect The Crane Prior Each Operation – Before using the crane, inspect your equipment in details. Check all parts, and look for signs of defects or cracks. Determine whether there are loosen, missing or damaged parts, check the tires and look for oil leaks. Today, the crane operators often try new tricks with their cranes, pushing them a way beyond their limits. This way, the crane’s parts can be easily damaged, and plus the operators put themselves in very dangerous situations.

Check The Working Area Prior Each Operation – Most cranes for sale today come with outriggers, which need to be set up on a firm, flat and stable surface. Check the working area before you set the outriggers, determine the soil type underneath, and adjust the crane accordingly. You have to be very cautious because if you extend the outriggers on a surface that cannot handle the crane’s weight, the chances for accidents are very big. So, in order to increase the crane safety, place cribbing under the outriggers.

Stay Focused – Many crane operators use and talk on their mobile phones while operating the crane, take a nap between lifts, or are distracted in some other way. These practices are very dangerous, because an accident can happen in a blink of an eye. To ensure a safe crane operation, try to stay focused all the time. Maximum attention and focus is required from everyone on the job site, especially during difficult and heavy lifts.

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.