Few Ideas on How to Buy Bed Frame Style to Set the Just-right Tone for the Room

Wooden bed frame

There are so many different bed frames out there it can be hard to know just which one will suit your room, décor, and personal taste best. Below you can take a look at our classification and hopefully tit will help narrow down your choices. Bare in mind that you can find a great variety to browse and can easily buy bed frame online. It’s a great way to really see all the different styles for yourself and choosing something you really like.

  • Canopy – This is the style you would choose if you want to make a strong statement. There are so many things you can do with a canopy style bed which includes attaching them to the ceiling, using full drapes on each side, or for a simple look try some thin drapes on two sides. You should swap drapes as the seasons change opting for thicker ones in winter and thinner ones in summer.

  • Ornate – Ornate headboards usually run a little pricey than other types of headboards and frames but can be absolutely stunning. An ornate headboard is usually made from carved wood, or metal and it is a great way to make a statement. These kinds of headboards aren’t usually made for comfort and some can be quite uncomfortable to lean back on.

  • Four Poster – A four poster bed is almost like a canopy bed so you might see them being interchanged from time to time. The main difference between the two is that a four poster bed doesn’t have rails connected the posts together. You can find some great antique four poster beds or you can also buy them new.

  • Woven – This is a really great look if you are going for a casual, coastal kind of feeling. This is a great choice for those of you who want a more contemporary look to your home. They tend to be more comfortable when compared to wood or metal, but are still a little more firm then cushioned headboards.

  • Low Post – A low post bed can look just as good as a four poster bed but is a little more low key. Most low canopy beds are made from wood but you can find them in a variety of designs. More modern versions are made from a variety of material. You can find styles with intricate designs as well as simple modern designs.

  • Platform – This style is no doubt one of the most sought after kind of bed frames. The design is fairly simple with only a solid low platform for a mattress to sit on top of. It looks understated and chic, it also goes well in modern and contemporary style homes. It is also the least bulky type of bed frame so it goes well in rooms that don’t have much space.

  • French Style – This is the style that would suit you die hard romantics out there. This style usually comes with an upholstered headboard making it a comfortable and stylish choice. It is both very pretty and really comfortable to lean back on. There is also carved wood detailing which is the french influence in the style.

  • Wrought Iron – Again another great choice for those of you who like romantic styles but this style also works well in bohemian and rustic style spaces. It is also a great choice if you move around a lot as they come apart easily. You will need to prop yourself on a lot of pillows to get comfortable.

  • Sleigh – You can spot a sleigh bed from a mile away as the headboard and footboard a both usually curved which is why it gets its name, as it has the shape of a sleigh. The curved shape also makes it somewhat more comfortable than other beds that are usually made from wood.