Few Ideas How To Surprise Your Partner

Surprising your man with an extra dose of love and passion will make him feel special, which is a great way to show him just how much he means to you and how grateful you are for having him. Remember, a gift is more impressive if it is a surprise rather than something expected. So, if you need few tips on how you can spark up your relationship, read on.


  • Shake Up’ Your Love Life

    When it comes to passion and love flames in your bedroom (the nook of the home where all the magic happens), there is no way not to think of buying a sexy Lelo for him. Lelo sex toys are widely known in the adult industry, so what a better way to spice up the atmosphere than with the Lelo Billy or the Lelo Gigi, preceded by a provocative strip for your man. That would be the perfect surprise for him. So ladies, waste no more time; go online and browse the Lelo sex-toys collection to pick the best Lelo for him.

  • Book A Weekend For The Two of You

    Surprise your man with a secret weekend getaway; book a reservation to a destination you know both of you will enjoy. It does not have to be something exotic; a lovely little bed & breakfast accommodation can be the highlight of your relationship. Believe me, your love for each other will only become stronger. Of course, do not forget to take the Lelo friend with you; you will surely need it! And one more thing, forget your underwear on purpose.

  • Buy Him A Ticket To A Ball Game

    We know that men & sport make a win-win combination, so another way to make your partner feel unconditionally loved is to get him a ticket to a game where his favourite team will be playing. Men are immensely happy and proud when their girls or wives participate in this part of their lives, remember this!

  • Go On A Candle-Lit Dinner

    It is Saturday night and you still do not know how to surprise your man? Here is one great idea – book a reservation at his favourite restaurant and open the gates of his heart with a romantic candle-lit dinner. Once you leave the restaurant, do not forget to stop by a hotel bar for a couple of after-dinner drinks, because the night is wild and long and so will be both of you.

  • Wake Him Up

    If you are in a serious relationship or married, this is the perfect way to show your man that he is still the only one for you.