Fenix Lighting Solutions: Where Quality Meets Excellence

Torches, headlamps and lanterns come in handy in more situations than we’d like to admit. Whether it’s lighting up the campsite for a cosier feeling, as work lights when doing repairs, in search and rescue missions, in times of bad weather, or even for hunting. Other instances where it proves to be crucial are fishing and self-defence where limited visibility may be the difference between making a big catch, or avoiding life-threatening outcomes

Still, not all torches and headlamps are created the same. You’ll want a torch or headlamp that has high brightness, can run for hours on end, and be durable enough to be used in harsh conditions. And be equipped with all the features that allow convenience and ease of use. If you want something that ticks all the boxes without costing a small fortune, look for a revered brand like the innovative Fenixlighting known for the high-quality illumination sources.

They produce an extensive lineup of top-notch flashlights, headlamps, lanterns and sporting lights for just about any occasion that calls for more light. This includes tactical, work, EDC, hunting, camping, and fishing torches designed with features specific for the use, and in a range of sizes and brightness levels. The company has also extended its scope to provide hands-free lighting in the form of all-purpose, running, or work headlamps, as well as lanterns used at the campsite or the garage, and durable LED lights that will light your way when cycling.

Who is Fenix?

Fenix is a lighting company based out of Shenzen, China. Founded in 2001, they are involved in R&D, manufacture, testing and quality assurance of each product they release. Their use of high-end LED chips and robust yet lightweight materials, coupled with best-in-class brightness levels across a range of their products has earned Fenix the respect of customers who need dependable and powerful lighting.

innovative Fenixlighting
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The company first made its mark by outgunning established brands in efficiency, with such products as the ultracompact P1 using CR123 lithium batteries, and the standard-sized L0D torch running on AAA batteries. Since then, Fenix has worked around the clock on its product range to include a sizeable list of notable lighting solutions.

The company also has won numerous awards, such as the Red Dot Design Award for the TK72R work light, the iF Design Award for the HM65R-T headlamp, and the E30R winning the Asia Pacific Outdoor Industry award for best rechargeable EDC torch. There’s also a rich accessories list, with batteries, chargers, mounts, brackets, remote switches, storage bags and holsters, lanyards, headbands, filters, diffusers and adapters. Basically, anything you need in terms of lights Fenix has it.

Current Product Range


E Series

The E series of compact, lightweight EDC Fenixlighting torches is feature-packed with high lumens, adjustable lighting modes, durable metal housings, and long run times. They’re also affordable which makes them ideal torches for a range of everyday usage. A notable example is the E12 V2 running on AA batteries, coming in just 8 centimetres in overall length, weighing 67 grams, and boasting 3000 lumens in turbo mode, as well as an included tail switch. The IP68 rating is the icing on top.

LD Series

The LD series is aimed at outdoor and professional use. The torches are lightweight and compact, have numerous output levels and an included strobe function. Popular here is the extremely affordable LD30, packing 1600 lumens at 205 metres, 5 brightness levels, a rechargeable inbuilt battery, a constant runtime of nearly 72 hours and all that fitting in the palm of your hand.

PD Series

This is the pro-grade torch range by Fenix lighting introduced in 2013, and with tough, reliable designs aimed squarely at professional use. The torches are used by law enforcement personnel, hunters, campers, hikers, fishermen and outdoor enthusiasts needing high lighting output in compact metal housings built to last.

A popular torch here is the PD 36R, building on the success seen by the PD35TAC from a couple of years ago. The PD 36R rakes in 1600 lumens at 283 metres, and can hold that beam for 2 hours. If that’s too much, dial the brightness down, and you’ll be seeing everything at a 35m distance for a rated time of 115 hours.

The torch is built around an aircraft aluminium case, coated against corrosion and scratches, and has a toughened polycarbonate cover with anti-reflective coating. It also has a range of features (such as an instant-on tail switch and digitally regulated circuitry) for demanding use.

TK Series

This is the tactical flashlight range by this brand. They’re built to the highest standards, have some of the highest output levels on any torch, and are extremely efficient. A noteworthy torch here is the highly revered TK20R V2 with 6 lighting modes, twin tail switches, USB-C charging port, IP 68 rating, a serrated front cap, and a show-stopping 3000 lumens at a whopping 475 metres. All this in a manageable, lightweight package.

Other series go for maximum brightness (the LR series with the brightness beast that is the LR80R with 18000 max lumens), or adjustability, utility and convenience (the WF industrial torches and the WT multifunctional series) with goodies like adjustable beam angles, explosion-proof materials and magnetic tail and body clip.


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The headlamps by Fenix are unrivalled for quality, comfort, brightness and a hands-free approach to lighting. They’re ideal for work purposes and heavy-duty outdoor use. The award-winning HM65R-T has a twin-LED setup rated for 1500 lumens, a comfortable sport headband, and extremely long run times (300 hours+). Ideal for hiking and trail running for days at a time. If you’re looking for the best work headlamp, don’t skip the HM70R with 8 lighting modes, 1600 max lumens, one-touch operation and 400 hours of runtime.

Lanterns and Bike Lights

What would a camping trip be without a decent lantern to add a little warmth? Fenixlighting has a range of multidirectional lanterns, with included up and down lights, 400 lumens of brightness to light up any campsite, and rain-resistant housing to work in any weather conditions. And you won’t have to worry about charging, as they include long run times (200+ hours in Red Light mode) from internal batteries. This is from the CL26R camping lantern. For more light and for longer stretches, look to the bigger CL30R.

Bike lights are made with extreme durability, high brightness, and safety in mind. A good example is their single LED BC26R for mountain and road cycling. It will spread a high-intensity 1600 lumens beam to 169 metres ahead, has single switch operation, and simple mounting. Riders will also be impressed by the long run time (11 hours at medium brightness) and affordable price.

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