Fashion Ideas: How To Wear Bohemian Accessories The Right Way

Jewellery is such a sensitive topic; while for some women the golden pieces given by their significant others, inherited, or bought are the only piece of accessory they will ever wear, for others, jewellery includes a much wider palette of pieces made of silver, steel and even plastic. I just cannot fathom anyone keeping the shopping passion calm after seeing the wide choice of bohemian accessories available in stores.


If you had the chance to ever attend the ultimate bohemian festival Coachella, you know what I am talking about. Despite the amazing outfits, the thing that will surely catch your eye in every bohemian outfit is the massive amount of accessories on every neck, ear and hand. Body jewellery, like long torso necklaces and necklaces that reach the belly button, is definitely not something to disregard. The important thing to remember about combining clothes and bohemian accessories is that it requires a lot of attention since you know, too much can result in one huge, meaningless mess.


You may choose golden or silver ones; the point is to have them in all lengths and to wear them all at once. Remember, massiveness is key here, but make sure you are not uncomfortable with all that jewellery on you (it can get quite heavy at some point). Plus, wearing too much can indicate you are trying too hard and will most definitely leave the wrong impression. You can always combine a thin chain with one small pendant with a massive metal necklace in the same colour; this combination will give you the chance to add massive earrings as well.


The bigger the better! Massive earrings are also a must to get the perfect bohemian look. You would never see a true boho person with a pair of small and simple earrings. If your aim is to switch to boho style, having more than one hole for earrings on your ears so that you can wear more unique earrings, is a good start. Again, the more the better.



Perfectly manicured nails with tons of jewellery on them: rings in all sizes and shapes! That’s right! Whether you are more into those trendy and small rings made of metal, or into those with stones and other pendants attached to them, make sure you have one on each finger. Combined with cute bracelets in the same style, you are all boho ready to go!

Normally you would not wear anything but a cute hat on your head, but a boho person thinks of head accessories in a whole different way: head chains with pendants and stones and massive floral arrangements. You know what bohemian philosophy says: as long as it is unique, has meaning or a story attached to it, it is perfect.

All in all, we really cannot discuss any specifics on this matter; it is all about taste. However, what is most definitely certain, is that bohemian accessories can break the monotony in any boring outfit and make it exactly what the boho philosophy is all about: unique and statement making. So next time you prepare to go out, instead of spending hours in front of the mirror wondering why your white shirt and jeans outfit looks so dull, put on a few golden necklaces, a bunch of rings on your fingers and you are all set to hit the streets in style!