Fabric Sofa: A Great Idea for Improving Your Living Space

Choosing the right sofa for your living room can be quite intimidating, as it’s one of the biggest investments in the house. Sofas give character to the space and should decently accommodate your lounging needs. Your choice of sofa can help you with the vibe you want your home to have, and improve the functionality of the living room area. These are a few things to look into when buying this critical piece of furniture.

The Available Space


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Making the most of your living space is related to what size of sofa you’re going to choose. When browsing furniture stores, you’ll notice that fabric sofas come in different sizes and forms, so choose wisely and utilize your space to its full potential.

If your living room has a bigger lounge space, you can invest in a bigger sofa, but a limited area can compel you to buy a smaller one than intended. It’s preferable to get a sofa on legs if you’re dealing with a cramped space since it provides more airflow, and it tends to look lighter and gives a less bulky appearance.

How You’ll Use the Sofa

sofa for whole family

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Having guests over for game nights or themed dinner parties? It is possible that you’ll need a bigger sofa to provide more space for fewer people.

Even if you’re having your family over for the holidays or you’re living with your extended family, and you like to spend lots of time together, chances are you’re going to need a comfy setting that can accommodate everyone.

Types of Fabrics

linen fabric sofa

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Sofas can come in a range of upholstery materials, and settling on the proper fabric will extend the sofa’s durability. Let’s talk your options.


Linen usually is the standard fabric for sofas. Just make sure it’s heavy-duty and tightly woven linen, so it can withstand wear and tear quite well. If you are worried about any potential breakdown and damage, you might want to lean towards darker colours, hiding the dirt, stains, and spillage.


Acetate is a fibre textile that is a silk-like material and has a good shine and softness to it. It is cheaper than most materials and is susceptible to any colour dye. You can find acetate as part of synthetic velvet sofas.


Next to linen, cotton is among the most used fabric upholstery out there. You can find cotton in every colour that you can think of. Even though you can obtain natural cotton produced sofas, man-made cotton blends will increase the durability of the sofa, while it retains the comfort and cosiness.


If you want that luxurious look for your space, silk is the right choice for you. While silk holds its shape and form pretty well, it is more on the higher price end. Keep silk sofas away from extended sun exposure, since they’re susceptible to fading.


While it’s a limited upholstery choice and it’s more expensive to buy woollen sofas, wool comes with some major benefits. It’s a non-fading and water-resistant material that doesn’t ignite easily due to its high nitrogen and water content. Its proven durability complements the delightful and comfy feeling it brings.

Maintenance of the Fabrics


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Taking care of the fabrics is crucial to ensure the life of the chosen sofa. Even though they are different, most sofa fabrics are generally easy to take care of. With linen and cotton sofas, you should fluff the cushions and flip them every once in a while to keep them in good shape. And with almost every sofa out there, you should vacuum the materials regularly, as you wouldn’t want a cloud of dust to come out every time you sit on it.

Popular Sofa Styles to Choose from


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Sectional Sofa

Sectionals come with two or fewer pieces that can help you rearrange the room to its full potential. This type of sofa opens up the space, and gives the room a more comfy vibe. Styling this type of sofa doesn’t need to be difficult, keeping it simple like pairing it with a side table at the edge, goes a long way.

Available in lots of different configurations, sectional sofas offer interesting and unlimited ways that you can design your living space. With one sectional sofa, you get two or three living room looks!

Loveseat Sofa

A loveseat is a condo-sized sofa designed to fit in one person or two people tops! The loveseat is somewhat similar to an armchair and is a substantial solution to a lack of space. It is a great way to fill in bedroom corners, or awkward living room areas. With their edgy looks, loveseats can give depth to your interior and complement your overall setting. They’re lightweight and mobile, and maintenance has never been easier!

Mid-Century Modern Sofas

Mid-century modern sofas are very popular in contemporary designs schemes, as they offer a unique classic feel to homes. These sofas come in many shapes and forms, but the most recognisable characteristics are their solid wooden legs and lower armrests.

The modernist aesthetics creates a pleasant tone and makes for a subtle and airy look. Implement further mid-century modern accessories, such as a versatile mid-century sideboard and give your home an eye-catching charm.

Tuxedo Sofa

If you’re into classic interiors and traditional yet modern elements, look into the tuxedo sofa design. This style of sofa is known for its exposed legs and the unique set of arms at the height as the back, and unlike the chesterfield sofa, the arms are straight and narrow. It may not be the comfiest piece of furniture on the market, but tuxedo sofas give an exciting and sophisticated appeal to any room.

The Lawson Sofa

This type of sofa is the most sought-after design when you decide on shopping for one. With its timeless character and ‘”boxy” look, this three-cushion setup is the ideal lounging bed for napping sessions. Having multiple brand styling options will be a carefree shopping experience.

And whether you’re aiming towards industrial, contemporary, mid-century modern, province or rustic style, sofas can help you outline your interior design goals.