Everything You Should Know About Guitar Speaker Cables

Whether you are someone who is an experienced musician or someone who is just starting out, there is one thing that no one really knows that much about and that is guitar speaker cables. Now most of you are probably wondering why you should really care about these cables, well there are a lot of reasons. They can affect your sound just as much as any other component that comes with creating and making music. While it might not seem like that at first, once you have really tried out a few different things and broken down the components that make it up, you can really hear the difference.

Guitar Speaker Cables

The basic construction of a cable is pretty much the same with most being made out of a copper core and some sort of metal connector which is usually out of nickel as well as being covered in a rubber or polyester coating. If you are looking to improve your sound, then opt for most high end guitar speaker cables that include include oxygen free copper which will really give you a pure signal transfer. They also come with gold connectors that transfer currents exceptionally well and they also resist corrosion. A few good things to know is that a heavier gauge will allow the signal to transfer more easily as well as a long cable can sometimes lose signal strength. You should choose a cable based on your budget but you should definitely invest in a nice cable when you can.

The reason people need and use these cables is simple and that is to keep out any unwanted RF interference which would occur without them. Instruments such as guitars put out a weak signal path whereas an amp does not, the cable acts as a shield to block out any noise from any other electronics nearby which is known as RF. Amplifiers are already powerful enough on their own to be able to block these noises but when you combine them with an instrument then you can sometimes hear it if the cable is not of a good quality. Most amplifiers and their cables are generally unshielded because of this but it is always best to invest in a better quality cable just to make sure you don’t have any of these problems.

You should always be careful about what cable you use for what purpose. Especially when it comes to instruments, so you should not be mixing and matching. Using an amp chord in a guitar will cause A LOT of excess noise that you wouldn’t usually get by using the right guitar speaker cables. The noises you may hear could range from high pitched squealing, to a lot of static, and much more. If you are unsure of what cables are for what purpose then you should research a little further to make sure you are getting the best sound possible when it comes to your guitar. If you want to know where to look for guitar speaker cables, you can easily find them in music stores online where there is a huge variety of all sorts of cables available to you.