Essential Camera Accessories for Beautiful Wedding Photos

With so much going on at the wedding, it’s impossible for the bride and the groom to take it all in and that’s when the photographer steps in. A good photographer will capture every single seemingly insignificant moment of the special day and will show the newly-wed that their wedding was a real life fairy-tale, even though there’s a big chance they didn’t notice every single detail. It’s important to know that getting the perfect wedding shot can be very tricky. Often times people tend to pose too much and thus make themselves look very unnatural and that’s not what they want to see on their wedding photos. However, it’s not just the skills of the photographer. There are some essential camera accessories that any professional needs to perfectly capture a wedding.


But before we get started on the accessories, we need to focus on the camera. In order to have quality photos, the camera is essential. There are many types of digital cameras on the market and the best way to see which one will suit your needs the most is if you search for reviews on different brands of cameras. However, if it’s your first time buying a digital camera, don’t feel all frightened because you can easily find many useful camera tips online that will spare you the trouble that you’ll probably go through when you decide you want to take your photography skills to the next level.

When you finally have the right camera in your hands, we can talk about the camera accessories you’ll need in order to make dreamy wedding photos that will make your clients happy and satisfied.


Camera Bags

Since you’ll need more than just a camera, a camera bag will come in very handy to carry all your gear around. Camera bags provide enough space for the camera, the lenses and the hoods and will keep your gear safe and sound while you’re looking around for a special moment to capture.


Don’t even think about going to a wedding without lenses. There are many different types of lenses special for different kinds of photos, so if you want perfect wedding photography, make sure you have two different types of these camera accessories in your bag, at the least.

  • 85 mm lenses: These lenses provide the most beautiful wedding portraits because they easily isolate the subject from the rest of the background on the picture. They are also great when you need a wider angle than 50 mm.
  • 50 mm lenses: The lens every photographer should own. Their field of view is the most approximate to the human vision on a full frame camera. They are great for different kinds of photos like detail shots, getting ready shots, ceremony shots, dancing shots etc. The 50 mm lenses are versatile and essential, so trust me, you can’t be a professional photographer if you don’t own one.
  • 70 – 200 mm lenses: The perfect wedding photography lenses! Weddings are all about celebrating love, so with these lenses you can be far away from the guests but still be able to capture close-up images. They have enough flexibility in zooming and that will help you get the right framing even if you’re limited in where you’re standing. With them you’ll make emotional, intimate photos that the bride and the groom will absolutely adore.



It’s a useful accessory for shots that require slow shutter speeds like detail shots in a dark reception hall or venue night photos.

Memory Cards

You have to make really really sure you haven’t forgotten about memory cards to cover your whole day! When you’re dealing with something as critical as a wedding, always take a lot of memory cards with you just in case.


Weddings last many hours, so it’s very probable that the main party will happen at night. This is what makes the flash such an important bit, especially if the happening takes place outdoors. However, the flash is a very important camera accessory so it doesn’t matter if the wedding takes place outside or inside, you’ll need it to make good and clear images.


With these camera additions you’ll become the next greatest wedding photographer and give your clients beautiful photos that will last a lifetime. So good luck to you and many wishes to the newly-weds.