Donut Take These Cool Gift Ideas for Granted

Doughnuts are so amazing that even the grammar police don’t care how you spell them. Plain, frosted, glazed, jelly or crème-filled donuts, dossants, cronuts, donut bouquets… Is there anything they can’t do? *inner Homer Simpson intensifies*

This fluffy pastry has united people of all backgrounds and ages for years. While it’s not easy to track the precise origin of donuts, one of the earliest mentions dates back to 1809 when Washington Irving described a type of Dutch dessert called “olykoek” which was made from fried, sweetened dough in his book History of New York.

Hanson Gregory, a New England ship captain is believed to be the first one who cut into the middle of the pastry because he didn’t like the way his mother prepared it. The Smithsonian Magazine writes that Mrs Gregory put nuts in the centre where the dough might not cook through and in a literal-minded way called them doughnuts.

Anyways, let’s fast-forward to present day and appreciate this mouth-watering sweet treat. Doughnuts make your coffee taste better, they make mornings more bearable and can shine a light on a gloomy day. Moreover, they make a perfect present that will put a smile on everyone’s face. Nowadays, they come in beautifully arranged gifts that will leave no one unimpressed. Check out these cool ideas below and never send boring gifts again!

coffee with doughnuts

The Doughnut Bouquet

For centuries, flower bouquets have been the most common and popular present and they’ll always hold a special place in the history of gift-giving. However, now is the time to take it up a notch and surprise your loved ones with a donut bouquet that’ll be a feast for the eyes, mouth and soul.

Nothing can top a pack of delicious doughnuts gorgeously arranged in an adorable bouquet. It’s the perfect gift for any occasion and can satisfy even the hardest to buy for.

Just have a look at this adorable Nutella rose bouquet that will delight the foodie in your life. It features 7 tastefully presented Nutella filled doughnuts accompanied with a mini Nutella jar and a giant Nutella syringe. If you haven’t started breathing heavily yet, the choc wafers and the Ferrero Rocher chocolates are here to fix that.


If you want to express your love more romantically, get a donut bouquet that features delicious doughnuts in the colours of love. Think red velvet, strawberry cheesecake and jam-filled donut bouquets decorated with faux roses to symbolize your eternal love for your significant other. You can also throw in cute, mini alcohol bottles and enjoy an (un)forgettable night together.

Donut bouquets can also be the perfect gift for those who eat a special diet. You can choose doughnut bouquets made from vegan jam doughnuts for the vegans in your life or opt for a bouquet with assorted gluten-free doughnuts that are easy on the stomach.

The best thing about doughnut bouquets is that they’re perfect as they are, but you can always upgrade them with a personal message, a balloon or another more expensive present to suit the occasion.

Box of Doughnuts

A box of delicious doughnuts also goes a long way. A man cave box is a perfect gift for Father’s day or a mate’s birthday. Get one that’s loaded with all sorts of goodies such as yummy assorted doughnuts, different chocolate treats, popcorn and beer to wash it all down.

You can also bring your A-game next time you’re invited for some Netflix and chill with a box filled with irresistible bite-sized glazed doughnut holes and chocolate malt balls. Or you can acknowledge someone’s big D energy with a naughty doughnut gift box.

box of doughnuts

We all make mistakes sometimes, but fortunately you can say sorry like you mean it with a a doughnut gift box that’s loaded with sweet snacks and fluffy pastries.

You don’t need to wait for a special occasion to treat your loved ones with a delicious gift. You can make any day special with these little acts of kindness.

Giant Doughnut Cake

It was mentioned above that nothing beats adorable doughnut bouquets, but giant doughnut cakes come real close.

Giant doughnut cakes are the best birthday present money can buy for two reasons. The first one is evident – Duh! It’s a cake. And the second one is the wow factor, no one expects to see a giant doughnut cake when they open the box.

This giant doughnut cake is the definition of party food. It’s glazed in choc ganache and topped with colourful M&M’s, choc peanut, TIM TAM crumbs and sliced TIM TAM. It also has a cute Nutella jar in the middle as a special treat for the star of the evening. You can also add colourful musk sticks, party lollies, and rainbow sour strips.

giant doughnut cake-tim-tam

If the birthday boy or girl in question loves white chocolate more, opt for a doughnut cake glazed in white choc ganache topped with mini M&M’s, Oreo crumbs and HERSHEY’s.

There’s even a doughnut cake that’s not a real doughnut. Check out Australia’s largest cronut cake that weighs 1.5 kg! There’s no better way to express how BIG your love is for that special someone. It’s filled and glazed with finger-licking Nutella and yummy Ferrero chocolates.

Doughnuts Giant Nutella Rocher Cronut Cak

No matter which flavour you choose, you can always top it with your favourite goodies and add more treats to create the ultimate birthday cake.

Final Thoughts

It’s easy to get carried away when choosing presents for the amazing people in your life. We live in a material world saturated with expensive things and we always want the best for our loved ones. However, sometimes you can’t splurge on lavish gifts and that’s completely fine because, at the end of the day, it’s the thought that matters.

Donut bouquets, gift boxes and cakes are unique, witty presents that won’t cost you a fortune. They’re fun to give and receive and can make everyone’s day better.

Pssst… you don’t have to wait for someone to give you one of these delicious presents, order one for yourself, no one has to know.